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I am Marcela Carvajal, CEO of Crypto Plaza, a crypto community for Spanish speakers, we have been developing the community for more than 2 years and a half, providing training, connecting national and international projects and helping in the dissemination and adoption of projects in the Spanish-speaking community through the translation of documentation, analysis articles and virtual meetings of immersion in protocols.

One of the biggest difficulties in the development of communities and to make them grow, is the onboarding of new members and their evolution, which has to be based on self-study and training so that the whole community is at a similar level of knowledge and skills and that this is growing between the contribution of all members of the community and the activities carried out by the people who most actively lead the community.

My proposal is to make an opensource web3 client that consumes the content of a headless CMS and displays information based on the tokens you have or your activity in blockchain. This functionality enables the gamification of communities and their effective use, being able to discriminate access to content based on the behavior of each user to the community, having been all recorded in the blockchain.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

3 reported communities or projects using it, 10 forks or code improvement proposals from people not involved in the initial development.

As a part of Harmony X, I approve this $10K grant



funded: 0xa67f1fc7800be6542e402f7e8f16d33c871d70c4c033dd3fca9a920ca82a94b2