[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Kruger

I’m happy to declare I’ll be running for DevDAO governor for the 3rd term.

Previous declaration of candidacy:

Career Headlines:

  • Web Software Engineer for 17 years.
  • Product Manager for 4 years.

Harmony Headlines:

  • Currently a governor on the DEVELOPER DAO & Ambassador DAO
  • Developer/Founder - Harmonauts.org Community Knowledge Base for Harmony & Telegram Bot
  • Elected Harmony Validator

So far I’ve been very much enjoying being on the Dev DAO. I have been present and responsive in all the mandates as I promised I would when you elected me the first time.

If re-elected I promise to continue to always give my maximum effort to advance development on Harmony and to fulfill all the mandates of Support, Bounty generation and Advocacy.

Thank you to Sev for providing the following template for more info:

What I did in the last term

My main focus has been dev support and dev community outreach. I created a google form to allow bounties to be suggested to the DevDAO in order to help increase generation of bounties as was one of our more important mandates.

I participate in the Twitter spaces each week and love getting to know all the devs and non-devs curious about getting into development in the Harmony community.

What I want to improve

Unfortunately I was sick for 3 weeks out of the last 2 months so I fell a little bit behind my goals, but hopefully with a clean bill of health that won’t be an issue again.

I’d like to, and in general we agree as a DAO in meetings, that we’d like to work more towards building self sustaining avenues such as building tools, vetting devs and completing more bounties so that we don’t need to rely on funding from Harmony as soon as possible.

Other things I aim to improve:

  • Help organize the team more, especially as we look to onboard several first time governors in the coming election.
  • Double down on Dev Assistance. On the Ambassador DAO we are actually developing tooling and resources for better documentation for customer support and I want to focus on including Developers in that support.
  • Reach more community members, even if they are not developers to attend and learn about the technical side of Harmony as well as be available to collaborate when developers need.

Thank you so much for reading this and, if re-elected, I look forward to serving all Harmonauts again to the best of my ability :slight_smile: