[Term 2 - Governor Candidate] Sev

Hi fellow Harmonauts,

I’ll be running for DevDAO governor for the next term.

Not much has changed, so you can read more about me in my first candidacy:

What I want to improve

Currently, I was mainly focused on helping fellow developers. Which I want to continue in the future, but I hope that once our discord server becomes more active, that all DAO members can help to improve the level of support the DAO can provide:

  • Better communication/organisation of the governors (on-going-effort)
  • Focus more on onboarding members to the DAO
  • Extending the DAO beyond Governors: Use the Aragon Client and move to a separate DAO token that incentivizes participation (e.g. tipping feature in discord)
  • Better collaborate with other DAOs
    • Implement features/ create bounties requested by the VDAO
    • Improve the visual style of the DAO by delegating work to the CDAO
  • Improve available learning material
  • Improve tooling provided for the

Future Vision

Create revenue streams for the DAO by e.g. providing a job bulletin board. To make the DAO self-sustainable.

Past Term in the DevDAO

I want to give a short insight of what I was on my participation in the Developer DAO to give everybody some insights on what I did in the DAO.

General (at 19th Dec 2021)
Worked 35h for the DAO

Setting up the DAO:

  • Created some accounts (Twitter, Talk)

Improving the DAO

  • Explored Aragons DAO Tooling
  • Created and proposed a Notion Page
  • Proposed different ‘voting’ procedures to get a fast consensus of governors.
  • Proposed ‘vacation’ tracking.

I created most of the graphics for DAO purposes:

  • flyer for the Crypto Café
  • all Twitter flyers (as templates for everybody to use)

Helped the community:
I was very active in all social channels to help devs and could also recover more than 200$
for community members.

Talks & Hackathons:

  • I took care of Harmony’s support channel of the DAO Global Hackathon
  • I took part in the DAO Global Hackathon’s ‘Office Hour Talk’
  • Prepared a talk/demo of Harmony for DAO Global Hackathon /w @eddnorris
  • Spontaneously hosted the first Twitter Space with BlockchainBull of ‘The Marketplace’

Aside from the DAO:

  • Working to fix the Harmony Ganache
  • Fixed an issue on the explorer
  • Created a validator (which takes a lot of time from, but gives me a lot of insight into the validator world :smiley: )

You have been bouncing all over the place, love it sev!