Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Kruger Dunn"

Greetings Harmonauts!

My name is Kruger Dunn and it is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for Harmony Developer DAO Governor - Part 2!

Career Headlines:

  • Web Software Engineer for 17 years.
  • Product Manager for 4 years.

Harmony Headlines:

  • Currently a governor on the DEVELOPER DAO
  • Developer/Founder - Community Knowledge Base for Harmony & Telegram Bot
  • Elected Harmony Validator

So far I’ve been very much enjoying being on the Dev DAO. I have been present and responsive in all the mandates as I promised I would when you elected me the first time.

If re-elected I promise to continue to always give my maximum effort to advance development on Harmony and to fulfill all the mandates of Support, Bounty generation and Advocacy.

Thank you for your time and support, I shall not let you down :slight_smile:

Kruger :cow:


Good to see your candidacy once again Cash. Can you share some of your contributions and/or initiatives for everyone to get more familiar with your work in the DAO space and for us to make more informed decisions when we vote.

Thanks for all the work.

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Hi HarmonyUniverse, thanks for the question.

The DEV DAO focuses primarily on our published mandates and deliverables. I spend most of my time on process documents and developer support, you can find me on any of the dev support channels (Harmony_devs on reddit, discord, telegram, twitter) at pretty much any time.

We also all help to host the weekly Twitter Spaces public DEV call, which you can find @harmony_dev_dao over there. As well as the Harmony Protocol github issues page.

So we haven’t done any sweeping initiatives like you might see from something like the Validator DAO which is paving the way, we are organizing and supporting as the blockchain needs to grow.

Hope that was a satisfactory answer :slight_smile:

Thanks Cash. Good luck sir.

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