[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Isaac Schwab

Hello! I’m Isaac Schwab (@DevSchwab), and I will be running for my 2nd term as governor for the DevDAO. I’m excited to continue upon the work from last term and keep building the Harmony Developer community.

What I did in the last term
My main focus of the last term was community engagement and developer outreach.
The goals that I proposed in our funding report:

  • Developer DAO Discord growth
    • Next term goal is: 150 Discord Members :white_check_mark: Completed : Currently 161 members
  • Twitter follower and Spaces engagement growth
    • Current: Feb 8th: 315 followers
    • Goal: Mar 30th: 500 followers (as of Mar 23rd: 435 followers → 7 days to get 65 more!)

To help achieve these goals, I co-hosted weekly DevDAO Twitter Spaces with @eddnorris. These spaces are recorded and posted on the Twitter account. This space was my personal favorite and had 260+ people tune in.

I also traveled to ETHDenver to engage with the Harmony and blockchain community as a whole. I had so many great conversations with people about the amazing Harmony ecosystem. This is also where @eddnorris, @BooneBergsma, and I met with the D_D (Eth Dev DAO) and forged a strategic partnership between the Harmony DevDAO and D_D to help onboard more developers into Harmony for project development. This is an ongoing venture that I would like to continue in the next term.

What I want to improve

  • Continue building and engaging with the developer community.
  • Work on technical demos and developer training content.
  • Develop frameworks and tools to help DevDAO productivity and member engagement.

From my previous candidacy post:

Hi everyone - I’m Isaac Schwab, I have been a full-stack developer for the past 6 years and graduated with a degree in computer science. I started working on the Harmony ecosystem in August for the hackathon and since then have been building on Harmony. I have been involved on various community discord channels, twitter spaces, weekly DAO calls, and met some of the Harmony core team in NFT NYC. The Harmony community is one of the best and I want to do what I can to help the community!

In running for Governor, I hope to help other developers in the ecosystem, raise awareness for all the benefits of developing on Harmony, and work with the other governors to meet the deliverable goals of the DAO. My technical background and hands on experience developing on the Harmony ecosystem put me in a good position to help the community as a governor.

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