[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Markus

Hi. I’m Markus. This will be my first time running for a DAO position with this
spectacularly late post. I joined the harmony community pretty much one year ago and have been semi active ever since mostly on the discord. There you might have seen me in the technical channels doing some support and discussing the technology.

I’m not a web dev… which seems to be a rarity around here. Technically I’m not even a full Software Engineer either. I code at work but mostly automation, IaC and scripting. A better job title would be “Hands on IT-Architect + Fix this when it breaks” or something, so I write technical concepts, documentation and E-Mails. What I do on the blockchain side of things I do as a hobby simply be cause I’m interested in the technology. On top of that I’ve done technical support for quite some time.

What I like to do
The thing I do where ever I can is discussing and teaching topics which I have learned myself. This is something I do at work and some other of my hobbies. Either in the form of someone asks me and I go off the rails explaining the concept behind it or simply by giving presentations and workshops.

What I lack
Since I’ve never worked as a hardcore developer I’m missing a big part of the Open-Source process knowledge. I’ve been active to some degree on GitHub, but not the kinda person to update the linux kernel manage PRs.

Also web dev. While I’m glad I don’t work as a web dev it seems like a valuable skill that I would like to learn at some point.