[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Toni

Hello everyone;

My name is Toni, and I would like to announce my candidacy for DEV DAO Governor.

I am a full-stack software engineer for over 8 years. Harmony has been one of the blockchain projects that I have followed closely. I participated in the last hackathon and contributed to the nobank project (Winner of the On-Chain Wallet - “Web3“, Track 6).

I have experience in building financial and e-commerce applications, and some blockchain experience in Solidity, and building Web3 applications. I am currently looking into the applications of Zero-knowledge proofs and Proof of elapsed time, as I love reading and solving problems.

I enjoy doing cleanup works that no-one wants to do, so you would be seeing me doing a lot of walkthrough existing systems trying to fix broken experiences. My personal commitment to accessibility and simplicity, would be reflected in my contribution to Harmony.

During my term if I am elected:

  • I will advocate for more women to join the harmony ecosystem through designs and sharing of media contents.
  • Research and Develop tools/process that could help the DevDao serve the community even better.
  • I will support the community by generating infographics and other design materials.
  • Contribute open-source resources that could help on-board next generation of web3 developers.
  • Make myself available to provide support to other developers (bug fixes, algorithm).
  • Audit the harmony documentations to check if there are broken links.

I look forward to serving the Harmony community. :blue_heart:

  • Toni

PS: I love to play football, when I need to clear my head.


Toni is an amazing guy and a very dedicated engineer! I think he would be an amazing person to have on board!!

Andras | nobank