Governor Elections Term 3 -

The governor elections should have started on the 24th of March 2022, but due to a lack of candidates, the election was postponed by a week.

This election will determine the 9 governors of the Harmony Dev DAO for the 3rd term spanning from 10th April until 30th June 2022. Voting takes places on

In this election, exactly 9 candidates applied for 9 governor positions, therefore this vote is held to acknowledge all the candidates. All 9 will then continue as Harmony Dev DAO governors for the term.

If the vote fails to acknowledge the new governors, the former governors remain in their current position and the election will be postponed until 21st April 2022. In the meantime, new candidates can apply for the position.


The following 9 candidates applied for governors in the Forum. They are presented in alphabetical order and you can see their application by clicking their names.

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The new governors were approved!


Glad to serve a 2nd term :smiley: excited for what the future will bring!

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