[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Victa

Introduction & Background


We need to bridge the divide between the community and the development efforts while pushing out quality content to help a wide variety of audiences. I want to see a DevDAO where we are servant leaders to our fans, supporters and customers.

Previous Terms

I ran for DevDAO the first time but didn’t make it.
I’ve been on different DAOs now helping to make Harmony an even better place.

What I want to improve

I didn’t join last time, but I have noticed that there are a lot of messages that go unanswered in Discord, Telegram, Reddit. I’d like to see us explore tools that bring all this information into a central form, and a way to disseminate and act on this information from the community.

  1. Tooling to support the DEV DAO and help prioritise efforts (Ambassador DAO has original funding to do this which DEV DAO can use as inputs to our processes)
  2. Sustainability model moving forward; incentivise community members, introduce concepts of reputation, and the idea of a social token. Maybe badges or POAP-style stuff
  3. Weekly updates on DEV calls. DEV DAO should be updating the dev community on upcoming stuff from Harmony CORE team, doing talks, presentations, guest appearances etc. Maybe content, tutorials, dev days, hackathons, etc

Maybe a bit ambitious. I think if we achieve 1 it puts us in a good position

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