[DevDAO Term 4] Candidate - EddNorris

Edd Norris here!

I am officially announcing my candidacy for the next Harmony Developer DAO election cycle.

What I did in the last term
Admittedly, this was by far my least involved term with the Developer DAO.

I had done my best to be available but largely had been less available than previous terms.

I was present for all Developer DAO weekly meetings and tried to be as supportive as possible but was very much limited in my availability to the DAO during this term.

My limited availability was largely based on personal commitments and the time demand from the release of my NFT Game https://Fishfight.one

I did host a hand full of Developer DAO TwitterSpaces.

I also lead a Ethereum Developer DAO x Harmony Developer DAO partnership initiative.

Unfortunately this initiative largely fell apart when the main project which we had lined up to receive developers, from the pool of developers on the Ethereum developer, backed out of the arrangement based on not having the project management skills to lead their project; resulting in the leadership from the Ethereum developer dao largely taking a step back from the partnership.

What I want to improve

  • Work on a technical demo and developer training content for using the Unity Game Engine.
  • Deploying an example on the Unity Asset Store, which will be aimed at giving traditional game developers a way to issue an NFT as a method of validate the sales of their web based games.

From my previous candidacy post:


Edd has my full support, he applies himself to every aspect of the community with full conviction and passion. It’s people like Edd that truly make our community so great.

Best of Luck Edd.

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