Running for Developer DAO Governor: “EddNorris"

:wave: Hello Talk.Harmonauts !
@eddnorris Here!

I am once again asking you to vote for me for the #governance:developer-dao Governor role, for another 3 month term.

I have very much enjoyed the time I’ve worked for the Developer DAO, and believe I’ve been able to be of service to the harmony developer ecosystem.

I have been able to create educational videos for a #developers:hackathon Event, regularly attend TwitterSpaces for Q&A related to development, answering Developer Q&A on Harmony $ONE/DeveloperDAO Discords and advocating for Game Development opportunities in the Harmony $ONE Ecosystem.

I plan to continue these area of work but also aim to spend some amount of my time as governor building a game development example for based projects to build interfaces using the Unity Game Engine, Harmony $ONE and a WebGL interface.

As well as updating the materials to cover as much information available for how Game Development Projects can work on Harmony.

Lastly I would like to comment on the dedication of my fellow governors and offer open endorsements for Governors which have made the Harmony Developer DAO possible, from attending to the needs of the Developer Community, to attending DAO meetings, to putting in time for community outreach, to helping lead the future of the Developer Ecosystem and sharing a wealth of knowledge about how the blockchain can and should function.

The Harmony ONE Developer DAO would be lucky to have any of the follow active Governors:

Bruno Marshall
GitHub: BrunoMarshall (Bruno Marshall) · GitHub

GitHub: Severino (Captain Sev) · GitHub
Running for DEV DAO: Sev

Kruger Dunn (aka Cow :cow:)
GitHub: cashcowONE · GitHub

John Whitton
GitHub: Kanga Finance · GitHub

Michael Otis
GitHub: michaelotis (Michael Otis) · GitHub

Dylan Kawalec- ChaoticBeauty LLC, Bridge Builders DAO
GitHub: DylanCkawalec (Dylan Kawalec) · GitHub

I also have to put it out there that I believe
Isaac Schwab
would make a great DEV DAO Governor (if he runs).