Running for DEV DAO: Candidate Edd Norris

Greetings Harmony ONE Community!

Edd Norris here!

I’m here to talk about my candidacy for the Harmony Protocol Developer DAO!

Here’s my post introducing myself on Talk.Harmony:

I currently serve as 1/2 of the Harmony ONE focused business
I have also been the owner and operator of 2bit Entertainment an independent application development company for the past 5 years; working w/ large brands like Google, Dell, University of Washington, Adidas and smaller marketing firms.

I am also a core developer on the $ERG based #ErgoPlatform NFT project

As it says in my Introduction, my background is in Video Game Development, I would love to be involved with building the nessisary tools needed to use Harmony ONE with gaming applications; because it’s speed and costs would make it a top-tier solution for #GameDev.

TrustlessTeam has just completed our #HarmonyHackathon Project! NFT/Blockchain Game bringing fishing online

TrustlessTeam is currently incubating a large scale community focused project called HarmonyLand. HarmonyLand is meant to bring NFTs from all over the crypto-space into Harmony and show the world just how powerful and useful the Harmony Protocol is.

I have been involved in trying to help define publishing standards for Harmony Ecosystem Developers; focused on educating and protecting vulnerable community members.

Speaking honestly, I already find myself serving the role which the Developer DAO would require in my free time as it is; helping developers in the Harmony Discord and because I have experience working with other blockchains and personally have the need to create a bridge to the #ERGO #PoW blockchain, I feel I would be a great asset to the Developer DAO as well as the Harmony Ecosystem at large.

Looking forward to serving the community/ecosystem regardless of the results of this election.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my candidacy.


You have my vote. You are patient, thoughtful, and not afraid of uncomfortable situations which makes you a perfect candidate to push and teach the Developer DAO to be the most supportive and efficient form possible :blush::gem::fire:



Thank you Colin!

I really appreciate that.

That also reminds me, I actually have a relevant background in education which I have not considered mentioning.

I have experience with both educating and mentoring 8-18 year olds in the technical aspects of software development and game design.

I have also recently worked as an educator in a high school for several years, so I’m pretty comfortable with uncomfortable situations :smiley:

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 9.43.19 PM


big fan of my friend Edd.

the Dev DAO would be lucky to have you, imo and you’d be a great asset.

rooting for you :slight_smile:


You got my Vote Ed!
How do we actually vote though? or is it just by posting here that we support you ?

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That’s a great start!
Thank you so much for signing up for this account!

I know that with your experience, the harmony ecosystem can help grow your development processes and scale your ability to monetize in a profound way!

Here is the link to voting page!

You’ll need to setup a metamask/harmony one wallet.

If you use the metamask option, you’ll have to add the harmony network in the settings menu.
Here’s an walkthrough for that process:

You’ll need 100 ONE in the wallet in order to vote and that can either be bought on / or if send me your address and I’ll trade you some :mechanical_arm:

Voting doesn’t start until tomorrow! and it will run for 9 days!

:heart: seriously man, this means a lot to me :heart:
Thank you

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when you get a moment ed, please check your linkedin messages.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:

Will do!

Thanks again for taking the time to get setup to get involved with the Harmony Community!

It was on the 17th of June when Edd interacted with me :heart_eyes:

One of the first people to have recognized me in the community, Since then we’ve rendezvoused in different discord groups and on Twitter.

Edd is someone behind the scenes working that should be on the front line for DAO with his mind :brain:! He is extremely helpful, supportive and willing to listen. I respect Edd for his dedication to his craft and professional nature, he has ONE of my votes :ballot_box: for election :handshake:!

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It means a lot to have the support of core members of the harmony ONE community like yourself!

It has become my opinion that #HarmonyHelps people and it has been my pleasure to help people see that.

It’s people like yourself that have made the Harmony Community what it is today!

Looking forward to what we’ll be able to make it together in the future! :gem::fist:

I think we showed up in the Harmony ONE space around the same time and it feels like it’s really been thriving since then and I am really excited to see where we can help take the space to in the future!

Good luck with the Community DAO election!

The community will be in good hands! A lot of great candidates!


i believe you’re a real gem to the DEV DAO, therefor got my vote.