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YSchool is an education platform for engineering and medical students. Since its inception in 2019, it has taught more than 100 K students across India. YSchool has more than 15 offline centers along with 100k users on its mobile application.YSchool has faculty with numerous years of experience which makes it the go-to platform for learning. With the amalgamation of offline and online YSchool has a mass reach.

YSchool is the product of stellar work from the team behind Edusquare which was co-founded in 2008. Once COVID-19 struck the world the team pivoted and launched the online learning platform YSchool and under 1 year able to bring more than 100K students to the platform. Edusquare has helped more than 400K students get admission to their dream engineering colleges. YSchool has the expertise of more than 15 years behind its leading team.

YSchool has an official association with the state govt of Himachal, Punjab, and Chandigarh for educating the engineering students. These partnerships help reach to wider audience among the engineering aspirants.


YSchool, we strive to provide excellent education to students who wish to outshine in their lives while preparing themselves for the first step in the stride of success. We believe in grooming talent and not just workhorses.

Key Stats:

Total App installs: 105K

Average user Engagement time/ day: 1 h and 10 mins

App installs/ users from 94 countries and 1120 cities of the world

User Review

Rating on Google play store: 4.4+

Number of Reviews: 2000+

Content details :

Number of Videos: 30,000+

Duration of content: 10,000 plus hours


  • Selected to present in Beijing under Startup India
  • Association with various State Governments
  • Coverage in Forbes India, Yourstory & INC42
  • Czars of North By Hindustan Times & Award by Dainik Bhaskar
  • Emerging Company Awards 2021 by IAF (Indian Achievers Forum)
  • Member of IAMAI (Ed-tech council) for education policies in India

Offline Centres:

  • MOGA
  • UNA
  • Kanpur

Problem Statement:

There is a great interest among developers to transition from web2 to web3 but lack of curated content resulting in a higher drop rate(as per our research it’s more than 80% of developers dropping off in the first month itself) of developers who wanted to start their journey in web3. The unsegmented content available is only adding to the problem.


We will create a course for teaching the development of Harmony. We will use avatar-based editing along with user-friendly visuals to create an attractive onboarding solution into the ecosystem. We will host the course on our application which has more than 100K users along with the push through our offline centers for onboarding new developers into the ecosystem.

This course will provide an easy and user-friendly onboarding solution for anyone who is interested in blockchain development. We will leverage our wider user base for the promotions along with reach through our partner network and official govt partnerships.


YSchool has a team of educationalists with double-digit years of experience individually who are alumni of top IITs and other premier B-Schools. Apart from the leadership team, YSchool has a stellar team of over 100 result-driven individuals. The leadership team of YSchool cumulatively holds more than 35 years of experience in leading people in different capacities.

  1. Anand Arora CEO


Anand has graduated from top engineering college IIT R in the 2006 batch. Under his effective leadership, YSchool is able to reach such a huge student base in a very short period. Anand holds more than 12 yrs experience in education Marketing / Innovation and brings the right expertise to lead the company. Anand has worked in companies like Unilever, Pepsico, etc.

  1. Tejpreet Singh COO


Tejpreet is an MBA from MDI one of the top B-Schools. He is a key element to all the operations for such a wider student base of more than 100K students. He has 10 yrs experience in FMCG/ education Operational Excellence. Tejpreet has worked with companies like Reckitt Benckiser, SC Johnson, etc.

  1. Sivia Goyal CHRO


Sivia is MBA from MD. She has 8 yrs of experience in IT / education HR / PR / academic ops and is responsible for assembling a stellar team at YSchool.

  1. Piyush Chhabra Innovation Head


Piyush is masters from Rochester Institute, US. He holds 10+ yrs work experience across various educational entrepreneurial ventures and brings innovation on board. He is the key element for YSchool relations with different state govt.

Proposal ask



Please refer to the detailed justification:

Metrics for success


  1. 25+ hours curated content hosted on our application
  2. Minimum reach to 100K Engineering students
  3. Events in a minimum of 20 offline centers with a minimum attendance of 100

Q1 2022:

  1. Research part about the content to the curated.

  2. Finalising the course structure and content modules.

  3. Conduct 3 webinars to introduce the audience to the Harmony ecosystem

  4. 2 Offline events to activate the user base for Harmony

  5. Content creation of modules that needs to be created from scratch

Q2 2022:

  1. Launch of course

  2. Promotion of course among the entire user base.

  3. Send customized notifications to the app users for the course promotions

  4. 3 offline events to promote the course

  5. Activation on social media handles for the partnership course promotions.

Q3 2022:

  1. Activate the alumni network for the promotions

  2. 4 online meetups to promote the course

  3. Townhall promoting grant infrastructure for builders on Harmony.

  4. Distribution of courses to students at different colleges through our network.

Q4 2022:

  1. Promotion of Harmony events and meetups through the entire userbase

  2. Bi-weekly events and meetups for spreading awareness about Harmony

  3. Organising hackathons in partnership with Harmony to promote development.

  4. Partnerships inside the ecosystem to assist on-boarding of new users and promote their participation

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Application link:
‎Yschool The Learning App on the App Store

Hi team, looking forward to hear your feedback on the proposal.

Hi team,

Can you please share feedback for the proposal?

Thank you.

Hi guys, can anybody guide me to the next step for the proposal?

Hi @lij , can you please guide me here regarding the proposal?

@Jacksteroo can you please help here?

@Jacksteroo @lij , can you please guide me on the proposal?

Hello, @AnandArora!

Apologies for nobody getting to this proposal sooner. I would like to update you that the grant approval process has been paused until May 1st, 2022. In the meantime I would like for you to consider which category you believe this proposal falls under for funding.


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Thank you @frwrdslosh , I believe the proposal falls under Launch category.

Hi @frwrdslosh , please guide me regarding the proposal. Looking forward to your response.

Hello, @AnandArora

You can find more information on the Launch Category and how to apply for a Launch Grant, here. Please resubmit a proposal under the particular category.

Any other questions please reach out. This thread will be closed.