Discussion/Pre-proposal - Master Classes

Disclaimer this is a discussion about the Master Class program, we want to get your feedback and make changes that will benefit our Validators, Harmony ecosystem, and Delegators.

Master Classes

One of the main deliverables for VDAO Term 3 is to launch a Mentorship Program for validators.

During the last weeks, we’ve received great constructive feedback from the community on how to achieve that deliverable.

What exactly are Master Classes?

Master classes will be open to any validator new, experienced or wannabe. The classes will have a lesson plan developed by an instructor and will cover a range of topics that are most requested by the validators.

How are Master Classes structured?

Two types are proposed and feedback is needed from the validator community on which type would be preferred.

1. Open structure

  • Lesson topic selected by the validators at the start of the week
  • Classes will be held twice a week
  • Each class will last 2 hour maximum
  • Attendees will not need to register to join

2. Formal structure

  • Lesson topics will be chosen in a sequential format such as introduction > node setup > security, etc.
  • Different class types: Advanced and Beginner
  • Beginner classes with have more time and sessions per week
  • Attendees will need to register to join

3. Both structures

  • Classes taught by an experienced validator
  • Feedback forms will be requested of attendees
  • A lesson plan followed by a Q&A session
  • Time zone for the classes (TBD)
  • Two instructors will be needed for the Master Class

What topics will be addressed in the Master Classes?

The topics will be based on popular requests from Harmony validators. However the first Master Class will be directed to introducing potential validators to validating on Harmony. Some example topics are: How to set up your validator, How to transfer between shards, How to create a brand, How to improve security, How to market a validator, etc.

What if I still have questions after the Master Class?

The idea is for the Master Class to have a Q & A session for answering questions. However it is understood that when implementing the lessons learned that additional questions will develop. Attendees will be directed to the VDAO guides and encouraged to join Harmony Discord and/or Telegram channels for further assistance. As always a validator can reach out to any VDAO governor if the guides, Harmony community chats and Master Classes did not cover/address any questions that they may still have.were not helpful.

Who can apply to be an Instructor for the Master Classes?

For the initial testing phase we will prefer for validators who met the following criteria:

  1. Validators with at least 6 months experience
  2. Being an elected validator at the time of application
  3. More than 5M total stake
  4. Application process (TBD)
  5. Selection process (TBD)

How would the process work in more detail?

  1. Topic for the class is selected by the validator community
  2. Accept applications for instructors
  3. The Harmony validators wanting to attend will select an instructor subject to Harmony VDAO review
  4. The instructor will set up a Clockify account to track hours
  5. Schedule the master class in the Harmony VDAO Discord (Channel named #masterclasses, with a subchannel for each class)
  6. Harmony VDAO will review/approve the instructor’s lesson plan before the class
  7. The instructor will take attendance
  8. The instructor will lecture and record the Master Class (but not the Q&A session)
  9. The instructor at the end of the class will request Google feedback forms be filled out.

Anything else?

The first Master Classes will be set up as a trial run. Because of this, the first instructors will be limited to Governors and only four trial classes will be held. During this time feedback will be collected and reviewed. When the Master classes are under review, the VDAO will make the determination whether to continue to pursue the Master Classes or not. Thus, validator feedback is very important in the assessment of the Master Classes.

Budget for Instructors

  • $75 per hour
    • Maximum of 4 hours per week for open structured classes (1-3 classes)
    • Maximum 3 hours per week for Advanced Classes (1 session)
    • Maximum 6 hours per week for Beginner Classes (2 sessions)
  • 1 month of 4 weeks is $1200 for a 30 day program
  • Payment subject to Harmony VDAO review

Note: The VDAO may refuse payment for classes not held by the instructor. The VDAO may also refuse payment for an instructor not following the lesson plan or other misbehaviors.

The following is up for review and suggestions by the validator community. There are some aspects that the validator community need to consider such as:

Instructor Time Breakdown - what time for lesson prep, class time and Q&A

Length of the Master Classes (30 days, 60 days)

Instructor selection

Overall longevity of the classes

Please let us know your opinions about this program!
This is not the final form of this program and your opinions are extremely valuable.


Will there be classes for a “wannabe” validator who does not possess IT background?


Hey @WhitePeach yes they are considered, if you take a look at “how are Master classes structured?” and then read proposal number 2. Formal classes you can see there will be for not Validators.

We currently have 2 proposals to be voted by the community, which one would you prefer?


A great initiative, and very useful for new validators.
I have one question will the hours be standalone, in the sense that all the topics for a class must be included in 1 hour or they can also be split into two hours or more?

Personally i prefer option three, both structures.

edit: since the length is 30/60 days the topics can be split into multiple sessions?


Great and thank you for the clarification on the wannabe validator who has no IT background/experience. Personally, I prefer the open-structure format.


Thank you for your reply, as trial, classes will be 2 hours max, if there are any extra doubts after classes, anyone can reach a VDAO member to obtain clarification in a specific topic.

Regarding your edit, they’re planned multiple sessions with different topics to no saturate with tons of information in 1 class.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.


Yea that clarifies it.
I am looking forward to this one, definitely interested to participate.

Is there any idea/draft on the application process for instructors, what else will be taken into account?

Also if I may ask why the 5M threshold?


It says newbies and wannabes above, so I think yes


Sorry there seems to be a confusion. When we said both Structures we meant that both structures will cover these ideas. There is only 2 options.



For this part here we mean that both sections 1 & 2 will cover Q&A, Experienced validator instructors, Feedback forms, Time zones (TBA), and 2 instructors per class.

Hope that clears this up. :smiling_face:


For classes they can be a 2 hour lesson plan but they will have at least 1 hour of Q&A. For example, An instructor can have a lesson plan for about 1.5 hours and a Q&A for 1 hour. Brings that total class duration to 2.5 hours.
The max the VDAO is allocating for a class is 2 hours for lessons and 1 hour for Q&As.

With the Trial we will see if this is enough time or if we need to set a part 2 for some subjects.

We definitely want your thoughts on this idea as well.


Well written, and very cool concept!
I would be interested to take a class once this is launched :pray::blue_heart:


Thank you! :innocent: we appreciate any feedback you may have as well.

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Validators sharing their experiences is one of the keys to the success of growing the community. We want to make sure that once election occurs, they are signing on block 1. Accordingly, a blend of structured and non-structured classes would be great. I favor the non-structured class, since it allows validators to ask questions and engage with the instructor. However, we also need to consider that if there is no agenda, the motivation to join the class may be less. Thank you for putting this proposal forward and let me know if you need any help!


I will love to join this masterclass (I will follow the schedule) and give what I will get (knowledge) to my community, some of NFT artist asked about “how to became” validator and they want to saving their money for it :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Hey everyone tomorrow the VDAO will meet and start planning to open up the Trial. As per the trial only Governors will participate as the instructors. Everyone else can participate in joining the classes and providing feedback to the courses and to the instructors. it will not be perfect but we hope it will provide enough data to see where we need to improve and make some final changes. We will keep in touch!


This is an awesome idea :blue_heart: I may possibly be interested in being an instructor as well. I’ve been helping others around here for a long time now without pay so why not apply for a position where I can get paid for it? lol :wink: We’ll see how things go. I plan to pursue all that I can in regards to helping to build Harmony and making a living while doing so. I love this community and this project with all of my :blue_heart:


Ohh love the idea! I would love to find time to assisst the masterclass. I dont have a lot of knowledge bout validators so this would be a great begin!


I am vey interested in participating. Great concept and nice way to build the strength of the community. I vote option 2.