Selling of Harmony

I am selling all of my Harmony ONE crypto and will no longer support this project. Let me explain why. On your official discord channel, I asked two questions, there has been a great lack of news on the development of Harmony and I wanted to know why. The admin got pissed off and decided to kick me off and ban me instead of answering the questions.

Since this is how your team operates, I will be encouraging all of my investment partners and friends/family to sell off their Harmony coins. I hope in the future you support your community and stop ruling with an iron fist.

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? If you follow their twitter and their subreddit you will know that Harmony just had an offsite meetup to discuss about their directions. Also they are actively interacting with community and publish weekly contents including ecosystem news.
You must be very ignorant to say that.


aww bye we won’t miss you :grimacing:

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Discord Mod here. I am not a member of the Harmony Team and I do not represent them. I am a fellow community member helping to moderate the discord.

You came into Discord and asked your questions in a very belligerent and hostile way.
On Discord, you had already stated that you were selling your coins because of no news, etc. I directed you to a channel containing lots of Harmony news that included the most recent ONEWeekly videos and articles. All the news and announcements have been posted on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube and more. I then told you to do some research before spreading FUD.

Your responses were even more hostile and inappropriate which led to you being consequently removed from the Discord. You broke a discord rule and were banned, I have nothing else to say.


Instead of answering my questions, you chose to ban me. I asked why the lack of development news for Harmony and asked if Harmony was being delisted. Due to that you banned me without actually talking to me about that. I wasn’t able to see any replies from you because I was banned. If you felt my comments were not appropriate, you should have deleted them and then talked to me or sent me a DM. But you decided to be a bully and ban me. That is why I am against Harmony because people like you chose to use power instead of education. Why would I support a crypto project that does that?

Again, I do not represent Harmony. Your issue is with me, not with the crypto project. We are not power-hungry mods trying to control and censor every user on discord. In fact, it is very rare that someone is banned from discord if they are not a scammer.

I had only sent you one response addressing your statements when you had commented that you were selling all your ONE because there was no news, development, etc. The only question you had was asking if Harmony was being delisted and you are right, I had failed to answer that question and I do apologize for failing to do so.

My response politely pointed you in the direction of the Harmony News channel on discord and I shared that the most recent announcement has some really awesome features/changes coming to Harmony. In the same response I asked you to do more research next time before spreading FUD. Looking back, I can see how that message could have been taken the wrong way and as being hostile in return. You did in fact see my comment and even responded in what was perceived as a very toxic and inappropriate way which violated our rules and resulted in all comments being removed and a ban being placed. Maybe we have both misunderstood each other’s tone/emotion through text as it’s sometimes hard to convey that properly through written word. I am truly sorry for that. It was not my intent to make you feel bullied in any way, I apologize for that as well.

To address your statements and question one last time here in the talk forum…there has been a lot of news and development in Harmony. You can find these announcements in many of the social outlets such as Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube. The latest announcement especially contains some really cool changes, updates, and features coming to Harmony. Harmony is NOT being delisted or I am at least not aware of Harmony being delisted anywhere.

I have learned from this and will do my part to work on being a better moderator for the Harmony Discord. I am sorry we couldn’t come to an agreement, but I wish you well and hope to see you around the community again. :heart:

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I wanted to reach out to you regarding your statements. I am not going to make fun of you or participate in character attacks. What I am willing to do is return you some value on your $ONE. I will trade 15 minutes of zoom council for 100 $ONE. We can use this thread as the neutral third party. We can both post the Txn Hash and I can also post the Zoom invite on this thread and verify the time. We can record the call and also post that link as a good faith conclusion to this little day time TV event, here.

Here’s why I’m willing to do this:

  • Nothing about how you are presenting your info matches somebody that has investment partners. But, in good faith, if you did, you’d know that the discord isn’t the same as the infrastructure team.
  • Your tokens will definitely do you no good right now because the market is so far down. Which is why I’m offering you a trade.
  • The only reason to sell is if you think the project is fundamentally flawed, never because you don’t feel “treated right”. If I could get 9% on my dollar, compoinded, I wouldn’t care at all if I was being ignored by pope.
  • Dudes like me are definitely just going to scoop up your $ONE since the price is so low right now. I would encourage you to put it to use if you truly have lost faith in the project as a whole.

During the call(s), if you so choose to participate, we can discuss: defi, how to manage this bear market, and especially what indicators might tell us how long this downturn will last, what chart indicators you see as useful in determining your takes/asks and also secure storage. Since I’ve pretty well doxed myself entirely you can find out pretty easily that I’m in the US.

I check this space about once a day so expect a 24 hr turn around. I’ll sign off with this: the discord mods are invested in the project. Most of them don’t make much for their time commitment and they are handling tons of requests. Keep that in mind when calling them power hungry abusers. If those people really want to garner power, I promise you, Discord isn’t the route they would take.

As for my part I really hope you sell. I don’t imagine it will move the needle much, but if I see $ONE fall another tick, I’ll just get more for my DCA. But, my offer stands: 15 minutes of recorded Zoom support for 100 $ONE.

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Guys can’t we just get along?

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You say I was “very belligerent and hostile”. When you know very well that wasn’t true at all. You happen to be a terrible mod and I forgive you for that. Instead of having a nice peaceful talk about things, you decided to snap at me and ban me. None of this matters anymore and I am not going to support your project anymore simply because of you. If you had simply manned up and admitted your mistake things would be different. But I am tired of having a pointless argument with you over this.

Can the chat logs be posted here please?

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This is a really good question. I was not the one who placed the ban or deleted the messages. Other admin saw the nasty comments and when they placed the ban the messages were automatically deleted. We have tried to look through the logs to find the messages since this has been brought up and we are not able to recover them. Big error on our part and we will surely have a log system set up soon to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Atleast now you are pretty hostile, he didn’t even ban you and literally only directed you to the news.
He is definitely one of the best mods on there, though I know you cant asses that, cause you dont know his work on the discord at all.

The Mods do a Great Job. I wish people would take the time more to remember there are people behind the roles and they do it to help.
Anyone who knows me knows i dont blow smoke up anyones backside, credit where it is due tho. Thank you good people.

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They do it for free too. Mods are cool.

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