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Hey @Devin

This is Pioneer/ @HarmonyVillains on Twitter. Just wanted to reach out and say that I’m happy to talk with you about the issues that you have with me and I understand that I have gotten some things wrong. I made early accusations regarding the Bridge Exploit when I stated that we should look into the last developer that worked on it, and Yuriy. Those were hasty calls and I did reach out to them for their feedback asap. They were the best potential suspects at the time with the limited information that was available due to the importance of their access to the backend, in my opinion. I can accept that I may be wrong at times and I am not obsessed with being right. I am keen to explore what happened, why it happened, and how we can do better as a chain and community in the future.

I really don’t know how we got off on the wrong foot and would really rather talk about it directly. I spend an enormous amount of time researching and creating (hopefully) useful documents for our community. I spent over 85 hours tracking the bridge exploit funds and reported those findings (in tandem with 0xStorm) directly to the core team and their investigation partners. I have the time to do these things because I am passionate towards the betterment of the Harmony chain and because I am self employed. I am fortunate enough to work from home and to have an established business that is now fairly hands off.

Recently I decided to become a validator. I paid for the server and went through the process line by line with the help of the validator DAO, dev DAO, and Patrick at EZ Node, along with the documents. I work closely with the core DAOs and they are aware of my summaries prior to publishing. Like I said, I know that I am not always right, but I do believe that we are better off starting the discussion and working through these topics together.

Many people in Harmony chain know me. I’ve tried my best to be an active community member and to help build with the MtopSwap team as their Business Development lead. I am close with the team there, however I do not do anyone’s bidding. I decided very early on that I would be a leader in my own fashion and the work that I do aside from MtopSwap is of my own accord. As I stated before, I want to help make this chain a better place that is safer for traders and gamers, and that has a more developed sense of leadership.


Hey there @realDevin881! The answer is actually no, unsure what you’re implying. Also, people have known my 0x for well over a year now. This has been covered multiple times at this point and we’ve submitted a 38 page report to the FBI on Grail and his almost 10-year endeavor. Open market is open market and I actually ended up breaking even on that project.

See below for my comments on this specifically addressed months ago:

I began my blockchain journey on a multitude of forums including 4chan /biz (not 8chan) in February of 2021. During this time, I posted about many coins for months prior to HolyGrail including FUZZ, IMRTL, HPLAY, etc. I also engaged in hundreds of discussions about Technical Analysis and blockchain in general. I became quite literally known for buying almost every coin early as is my personal investment style. I was/am passionate about Harmony and its many projects.

To supplement this, at the time of writing this, I have 31,383 Transactions since last February, 88 HRC20 tokens, 42 HRC721 tokens, and 17 HRC1155 tokens in my only active 0x wallet since I began trading on Harmony. My wallet address and holdings have been public in multiple formats (MultiSig, Whitepaper, forums, etc) for about 8 months now. As addressed in previous responses and AMAs, I haven’t hidden anything.

Regarding HLY - myself, other volunteer mods, and hundreds of members of the community were manipulated by a very evil person who has been scamming on multiple chains for almost 9 years now - and there is much more to the story that cannot be discussed on this forum. Every mod and project leader buys and sells coins - regardless of the excitement I had for HLY at first, this is blockchain. Myself and others left HolyGrail the second we saw development work cease after release.

The transactions you posted were after most sold months after I was initially excited about HLY, and were at a massive loss. I had previously made money on HolyGrail but actually reinvested most of that and lost almost all of it. I’ve personally not touched $MTOP from a personal investment standpoint and don’t think project leaders should own or swing their own coins. Anything I’ve purchased I’ve sent directly to our Multi-sig Treasury with transaction proof in our Whitepaper.

Regardless of this, I started MtopSwap in mid-February 2022 as a response to being manipulated at HolyGrail and to educate the community and provide tools to help prevent another HLY from happening. Since inception, I have put in 12-14 hours daily, lost many IRL friends and relationships, and sacrificed my financial well-being in the process to fund development of our Proof of Concept thus far. To say we are “pumping and dumping” is not only incorrect, it’s all proven incorrect on-chain.

There’s also this:

I was one of the people that volunteered at HLY discord, like many others, to help with moderation although I had no affiliation with the project other than being interested in it. I was also one of the people that found the hidden wallet of Grail and exposed it to the community and banded with the rest of the mods to pressure Grail into a multi-sig to remove the unknowns.

Additionally, I had been trading full-time on Harmony for months at that point, got very good at trading all new pairs, and made a habit of going into Discords and asking for help without much thought. I have since learned from these mistakes the hard way during my transition from community member to project leader, but lost a lot of money and damaged my reputation in between. Turns out being a “degen” and a “project leader” don’t really jive. I have doxxed to both Petrify & Flu, who have cleared my name, and will doxx to Harmony of course - but I’m happy to talk about this further with anyone at all! There’s a lot more I’d love to share but cannot in this forum.

Since then, I’ve used these moments to motivate the creation of this very project months ago, and to implement Wallet Tracking and Wallet Blacklist features in order to warn potential retail investors that a particular coin has ties to a scam. Additionally, our great Mods have a 180+ wallet Blacklist (and growing), and constantly monitor the new pairs page on DexScreener / post on our #likely-scam discord channels here to mitigate something like that happening to anyone else.