EDIT: Project Suspended ***HCIP-05: Proposal for the Creation of Crazy subDAO

EDIT: It is with a heavy heart that the community DAO regretfully is announcing the indefinite suspension of this proposal. Much effort and planning has gone into the development of this project as a whole, but unfortunately at this time, the Community DAO has not received any guarantee that the funds set aside for this project will be made available to pay any of the bounties. Therefore, the current governors feel it would be irresponsible and misleading to move forward with these plans. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience or wasted efforts by any and all community members that had a hand in getting us this far. Hopefully in the near future when the landscape of funding becomes more clear, we can pick up where we left off.

Harmony Community DAO Council of Governors

HCIP-05: Proposal for the Creation of Crazy subDAO

The following is a proposal for the creation and format of the ‘Crazy subDAO’ that is to be created following the approval of the Official Proposal for Development of Crazy.ONE Domains. After several discussions with other members of the Community DAO, it was decided to put forth the following for consideration by the community. This discussion will last 7 days, in accordance with the Harmony Community DAO Charter. This topic will close at the end of Sunday June 12th, 2022. Please offer any suggestions or ideas during this time. At the conclusion of this discussion, if there is a majority support for this proposal, it will move to a Snapshot vote for formal approval.

This is the first subDAO we are aware of in the Harmony ecosystem. With the Community DAO (CDAO) having such broad mandates, we feel this will be the first of many subDAOs in the future. They provide a great opportunity to delegate work and achieve a focus on specific tasks while not being hindered by the constant election cycle of the CDAO governors/signatories.

Overview: The Crazy DAO will operate as a subDAO of the Community DAO. Its primary focus will be to oversee the Development and maintenance of the crazy.one domain proposal.


  1. Development: To ensure the progression and completion of bounties in a manner that reflects community desire.
  2. Review: To periodically review the project for features that aren’t desired anymore and to decide upon any new features that should be implemented.
  3. Sustainability: To decide on ways to increase sales of domains and to also offer suggestions for allocation of funds to further develop the project.

Members: The subDAO shall consist of 7 board members.

-2 board members shall be Community DAO governors/signatories chosen by the acting governors. Time spent completing work for Crazy DAO shall not be included in standard governor billable hours. The governors on the Crazy subDAO will be responsible for providing overviews and actionable items at the Town Hall meetings following the subDAO meetings.

-5 board members shall be a combination of developers and community members; preferably 1 being Giv Parvaneh, the Project Manager, and a member of the Developer DAO. Any Developer DAO members are to be chosen by the acting DevDAO governors The remaining positions will be community members chosen by the current council of governors. All DAO members will be able to apply based on their individual interest and will be selected by the acting CDAO governors based on several factors, most importantly previously demonstrated DAO participation and familiarity with the crazy.one project. Ideally, at least one of the chosen members will have some relevant skill in marketing.

All board members are appointed and there will not be a standard election. However, the initial board and any subsequent additions or removals of governors will be approved by way of Snapshot vote. With the exception of the acting CDAO governors, there will be no term limits to the subDAO members to ensure a consistency in it’s operations. The acting CDAO governors will be selected at the conclusion of the CDAO elections and will not be subject to further community approval for inclusion in the subDAO. Members of the subDAO will remain in their positions until they remove themselves, are voted out by the other members, or are removed for any other reason. Replacing any vacancies will be the responsibility of the acting CDAO council and the chosen replacement(s) will be subject to approval by the CDAO community.

Expectations: The subDAO will meet biweekly from the beginning of its formation until the project’s completion and release to the public. After that period, the DAO will meet once a month to discuss any notable talking points: project reception, marketing needs, development needs, etc. The meetings will be recorded and expected to last from 1-2 hours max. There may be special circumstances (bugs in the project, etc.) that will require impromptu meetings to address any issues that may arise. In these circumstances, each Crazy subDAO member will be eligible to bill 2 additional hours, provided reasonable justifications have been made for the additional time.

Compensation: All governors will be compensated at a rate of $50/hr for the meetings, but will be limited to 2 hours per meeting. It will be beholden upon the governors to monitor the participation and billing of all involved parties (i.e. if a governor does not show up, does not take the process seriously or becomes a distraction to the task at hand, those hours may not be billed, etc.) The funding for the Crazy subDAO will come directly from the crazy.one treasury and will not be included in any funding request. This ensures that the success of the CrazyDAO will be directly tied to the success of the Crazy.ONE domains.

Summary: The Crazy DAO will be a subDAO, meaning it is overseen by the Community DAO and will therefore be subject to the governing rules of the CDAO. All compensation and funding decisions will be controlled and distributed by the signatories of the Community DAO. Crazy DAO board members are not signatories. Instead, their purpose is to provide oversight and direction to the Crazy.one project.

Do you approve of the creation of CrazyDAO, a subDAO of the Community DAO? Please provide any suggestions and comments below.

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The proposal looks good. Oversight by the CDAO signatories is a good step towards community control. Hopefully this will be a model for future sub DAOs where a special and focused working group is needed.

I suport this proposal.


Thank you everyone. This proposal will now go forward to Snapshot for official approval. Details will be announced when the vote goes live.

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Sad to hear this. However hopefully there will be a renewed push for the crazy.one domains. I thought there was like 1M ONE In this treasury. :thinking: stake it till ya make it frens :blue_heart::beers: