Official Proposal for Development of Crazy.ONE Domains

Work Estimate

For Domain Development

Submitted by Community DAO

April 8th, 2022

1. Purpose

The Harmony community launched on May 11, 2021 the first of its kind subdomain NFTs on the Harmony blockchain, the Announcement here
These NFTs are internet domains and each one is unique and non-fungible by design, user will have the ability to own a personal subdomain which is both a NFT and can additionally be linked to Harmony ONE wallet address via Harmony’s domain name service.

Full disclosure: Community DAO is leading and managing the development of

2. Objective

The objective of this bounty is to aid the development of the platform with further use cases, as requested from our community. The Harmony foundation states that the revenue from the Crazy.One domain sales goes towards the Community DAO treasury. The Community DAO will use some of the funds already collected for further development of the domains to offer the owner customizable features and other use cases. Ultimately, the revenue generated from this project is intended to assist the Community DAO in becoming self-sufficient and sustainable beyond the use of the grant funds from the Harmony foundation.

Crazy.ONE wallet Address information

Referral Address: 0x45e93f46604F69BEC2bB52C83eB029380E6efef7

Explorer link: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

3. Outline of Work / Features

Package A)

A1- Creation of graphical design and layout of domain (1 page)

Package B)

B1- Connect your Metamask as well as 1wallet and SEF wallet (so user can login and edit the domain profile for B2-B3-B4 features)

B2- Being able to use your domain to showcase your NFT collections associated with the wallet ( Currently, when a purchased domain is accessed you will simply see the owner’s last tweet if the community member’s twitter account has been attached to the domain upon purchasing. The request is to see implemented in frontend a wallet where user see the tokens balance + NFTs (HRC720 + HRC1155)

B3- Being able to customize website background with featured backgrounds from community artists for which a fee would be paid with proceeds going to both the Community DAO and Artist of the background NFT

B4- Custom buttons on your domain page from artists or developers (such as links to websites and NFT domains:

-B4a- Being able to customize similar to myspace with a customizable bio section, with the option to tell their story and showcase what they have done for the blockchain and, potentially, offer their services for a fee) + could also be used for decentralized CV (long form resume, of sorts) for Blockchain work or associations.

-B4b- Being able to link a marketplace listing to your NFTs in the gallery to advertise your sale

-B4c- Direct access to staking portal

-B4d- List and show which projects you like in the crypto ecosystem such as your favorite blockchains or NFT projects.

B5- Spaces within the domain set aside for advertisements to be sold by the Community DAO for added revenue.

Package C)

C1- Being able to use your Crazy.One domain as a recipient to send ONE Tokens instead of a one1 address

C2- Implementation of a Blog inside the domain

C3- Allowing users to add a link to a song they like which will play on entry to the domain

C4- Display of monthly newsletter of both Harmony Protocol and CDAO

C5- Calendar of events within the Harmony community (if subscribed to community calendar) as well as the option to personalize the calendar

C6- Countdown ticker showing the remaining time of the user’s annual domain ownership with an option to renew or purchase indefinitely for an added fee. Currently when purchasing a Crazy.One Domain a community member rents the domain for a period of 1 year, after this time the domain will be made available for resale with no notification that the rental period has come to an end, The Harmony Protocol Community DAO proposes that when the transaction is made, community members will be given the option to own the domain indefinitely for an additional fee.

C7- Allowing users to link social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, etc, to their domain and post directly to them from the domain.

C8- Allow users to be be notified of important DAO announcements (governance votes, special events, etc)

4. Expected Execution Timeline

  1. Package A : 1 week
  2. Package B : 4 weeks
  3. Package C : 4 weeks

5. Technologies and Tools

  1. Frontend: HTML/CSS/ES6/Javascript
  2. Backend: ES6/Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, ethers.js
  3. Smart contract: Solidity (Ranging from 0.6.0 and up)
  4. Contracts are controlled on a “per-version” basis.
  5. Utilizing a mixture of Open-Zeppelin & Custom framework
  6. Hardhat for local deployment, ethers.js for remote deployment
  7. Testing performed using localized NPM “http-webnode”
  8. Hosting done via github

6. Cost

$2k in ONE to be paid out in the installment identified under “Package A”

$10k in ONE to be paid out in the installments identified under “Package B”

$10k in ONE to be paid out in the installments identified under “Package C”

$10k in ONE to be available for unforeseen costs, delays, implementation of newly desired features, and project maintenance.

Total: $32k in ONE

7. Payment Installments:

  1. Milestone 1: Package A Expected Execution Timeline 1 weeks ($2k in ONE)
  2. Milestone 2: Package B Expected Execution Timeline 4 weeks ($10k in ONE)
  3. Milestone 3: Package C Expected Execution Timeline 4 weeks ($10k in ONE)

8. Notes

  1. Milestones can be postponed (MAX 2 weeks for Package A. MAX 6 weeks each for packages B and C) due to workload
  2. Before each payment code will be checked from DDAO+ Giv+Yurie
  3. Upon approval, the Community DAO will begin discussions about cost for the domains for the user.

Example of Possible Future Pricing Structure (not set yet)

-10-8 Characters 100 Harmony $ONE

-7-5 Characters 1,000 Harmony $ONE

-4-3 Characters 10,000 $ONE

-2-1 Characters 50,000 $ONE

-Possible fee to keep the domain indefinitely

*Another possibility would be to use USD value to set the cost in ONE. In this example, the price in ONE coins would vary depending on USD value of ONE at the time of purchase.

9. Community Suggestions

  1. During the time this post is up for feedback and approval we would remain open to suggestions and those who may receive outstanding support will be considered in our funding proposal prior to the development of the project.

10. Approval

Do you approve of this funding allocated to development of Crazy.ONE domains?

  • YES
  • NO

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Feed back from @giv and/or Yuriy from Harmony Team would be appreciated.


First off, I want to say that I’m very glad this proposal has come to fruition. Having a personally customized “space” with functional utility features would be a home run, and personally, I would be one of the first people to join if/when the product is available.

The potential for multiple parties can’t be overlooked. Marketing and revenue opportunities for page owners, artists, and other projects in the ecosystem, while providing funds for the Community DAO is a step in the right direction in my personal opinion.

I’d like to add a recommendation that a page tracker be added (maybe at the bottom of the page). My thought is that there could be a possibility for an “allow ad(s) for revenue option, where projects could have the opportunity to post a timed add on an individual’s page for a fee, where a percentage could go the the page owner and to the DAO.

Also, I’d like to know if there was any thought to have tools needed or template available to artists, so they can create themes for the pages, so that they can sell their work to anyone that would want to purchase it for their space.

I may have a big dream with all of this, but I really like the proposal, and my hat goes off to everyone on the DAO, past and present, for getting the wheels in motion.


Thank you for the proposal. I’m assuming “Package A/A/B” here is a typo?


Yes. Correct. Sorry about that. Just edited it.


Great suggestions @Jerome0389 ! Can’t wait to discuss them with everyone.


Thank you @HarmonyCommunityDAO for this proposal. As you know, project was always intended to be owned by Community DAO:

Please note: this is a ONE year RENTAL, not a purchase. This project is also a mechanism by which the Community DAO will be able to generate revenue. As the Community DAO stands up, it will take over the management and operation of Crazy.ONE subdomains and the Harmony Domain Name Service. We are eager to see how this project evolves based on the community aspirations.

This proposal has been approved for $32k, congrats! :tada:

Let’s work together to plan out the hand-off. I would also like to recommend the potential creation of a “Crazy DAO” to clearly outline mandates and deliverables for this project and to make sure it doesn’t muddy Community DAO’s mandates. It will also keep their governance processes seperate.

Thanks again and I’m excited for this new chapter!


YES! This is so exciting! Can’t wait to get going on this. Will definitely be in touch with you as I’m sure there will be many questions and bits of advice needed. Thank you @giv !


Congrats everyone! Great to hear! Crazy.ONE domains have a lot of potential for many different uses in the future. Should be worth the minor investment (in comparison to what some other projects receive for funding) imo :smiling_face: Thanks @giv :blue_heart:


Thank you for the response and approval, Giv! We are very excited to get to work.

After discussions at recent meetings, the Community DAO would like to propose that a search for qualified candidates to fulfill ‘Package A’ begin immediately. We have created this form for applicants to fill out and will decide on the recipient of this bounty with a community-based discussion and decision: . Exact details of this decision making process will be decided upon and disclosed after applications are closed and we are nearer to awarding the bounty in the interest of avoiding manipulation of the process.

Concurrently during this process, we will begin the formulation of a Crazy DAO. During our recent Open Town Hall, we thought it would be best to have this DAO operate as a ‘sub DAO’ under the umbrella of the Community DAO and its governance rules. The treasury funds would still be under the management of the CDAO signatories, but would be held in a separate multisig created specifically for this project to more easily manage. We wish to take the remainder of the term to work out exactly how the Crazy DAO would operate, such as how its members are chosen, what its mandates are, and what its deliverables should be. After initial discussions, we believe the above proposal can allow for the CDAO to progress development of the project until the moment the Crazy DAO is officially formed. We see the Crazy DAO perhaps being most useful after initial development of the project is complete by having monthly or quarterly reviews of the project and deciding upon potential expenditures from the treasury to maintain and further develop the project to reflect community desires.

With that being said, though, the hope is to have this Crazy DAO in place before the completion of the project’s development to assist in the review of the final product before release to the public. We believe that it would be beneficial if you, Giv, and at least 1 or 2 other members that have been involved in the development of the domains to this point would be members of the Crazy DAO to offer feasibility and development advice/review to make sure this project is developed in a secure and realistic manner.

In the meantime, we would like to schedule a meeting with you and any other members you feel could offer useful guidance as we get this project underway (possibly Yuriy?). Please let us know the best way to schedule such a meeting and we will do our best to work around your schedule.

We hope this is an acceptable arrangement to begin work on fulfilling ‘Package A’ and would like to thank you again for the approval and encouragement of the progression of this project.


Would love to be able to do something with my personal domain :sunglasses: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


This all sounds great. Let’s have a kickoff call soon and strategize. Please reach out to me so we can schedule.



"I have over 10 years’ experience working within design agencies and as an independent design contractor. During this time I have been primarily focussed on User Interface design, however since 2017 I have specialised in User Experience and Design Thinking practices, incorporating a design pipeline of planning, prototyping, testing, iterating and producing finished mock ups for clients and liaising with developers in production.

Working with clients both across the public and private sectors, I have been involved in large scale projects with end user bases in the millions as well as branding exercises and graphic design. As well as prototyping and user interface design, I have experience in creating design systems used across multiple products developed by organisations.

I am proficient in prototyping software programmes like Axure, user interface design software such as Figma and Framer and the Adobe Creative suite in general, I am also certified a certified Agile Practitioner. I have experience working in a Senior role and have good communication skills along with experience working with mid-level and junior designers, as well as front end developers in the process of working on a project.

Recent web3 work:

ENS Advertising portal

In this prototype I was experimenting with potential use cases of the ENS manager, specifically how users could set preferences for any advertising or promotional content they would see whilst signed in with their ENS name on blockchain products.

This project was self-driven by seeking to solve current problems with web2.0 and the role that intrusive and unwanted adverts play in online products. Users can select topics that wish they wish to see, or turn off advertising altogether, they also have the ability to go to a more granular level by selecting sub-topics. Another aspect is the ability to see previous ads that you have interacted with, with the option to choose whether you want to see more of this topic or specific project.

This prototype was created as an interactive prototype within Axure RP.

Blockchain Explorer Integration prototype

This prototype was created to examine the role of Etherscan, or blockchain explorers more generally, and how they could be utilised better within web UIs to give users more information about their interactions and purchases.

For this example, I have created a basic NFT marketplace, where a user can buy an NFT and confirm the transaction, this will allow a widget to appear that uses information from the blockchain explorer that is available but is commonly hidden in current web3 products.

Information such as transaction status, the total cost of the transaction including gas, the action undertaken and the before and after values of the wallet are bought into the UI to allow this information to be visible to the user without having to open wallets or go elsewhere to view this.

This prototype was created as an interactive prototype within Axure RP.

Proof of Competence - DeveloperDAO

I am a member of Developer DAO’s Design Guild and currently working on a project called Proof of Competence. This project aims to gamify the process of learning web3 by utilising on-chain actions and rewarding users through granting NFTs upon completion of Journeys.

These Journeys range from simple tasks such as swapping tokens to more specialised routes such as being an expert in using certain networks and projects, for example Harmony or AAVE. In this role I am planning the overall strategy in concert with the lead developer which is still in the early phases. After the design for the service has been detailed, prototyping will follow then finished UI mock ups.

Qube Launchpad UI Idea

This mock up is a refresh concept of the Qube Launchpad and how it could be presented to users. This UI was created using Framer and aims to give user all the information they need around current and upcoming IDOs, as well as track contributions they have already committed to projects.

Comfy Money UI Idea

This is a UI refresh concept for the Harmony DeFi project Comfy Money, part of the VenomDAO ecosystem. This project was created within Framer and was a self-driven idea that came off the back of using the product.

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The submission for contributor has ended on May 14th, we have a official Voting up on Snapshot. Please check the designer and their portfolio and vote for your favourite one.

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@Suede0619 I tried to contact you through you are the winner out of the voting. The @HarmonyCommunityDAO would like to coordinate the further process with you :blue_heart:


Thank you, I’m honored to be chosen. Circling around.


Please make sure to join the Community DAO Discord so we can coordinate the further progress :pray:t3:


Congrats :tada: We have our weekly town hall meeting today, hope you can join us :blue_heart:

It is with a heavy heart that the community DAO regretfully is announcing the indefinite suspension of this proposal. Much effort and planning has gone into the development of this project as a whole, but unfortunately at this time, the Community DAO has not received any guarantee that the funds set aside for this project will be made available to pay any of the bounties. Therefore, the current governors feel it would be irresponsible and misleading to move forward with these plans. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience or wasted efforts by any and all community members that had a hand in getting us this far. Hopefully in the near future when the landscape of funding becomes more clear, we can pick up where we left off.

Harmony Community DAO Council of Governors

Apologies for this comment appearing in the replies. For some reason the heading and original post were not able to be edited