Harmony Community DAO Is Near Launch of an HNS Home Page

The current Community DAO Council in conjunction with community members has been working to build an HNS (The Native Harmony Name System) hosted home page.

The new home page, created entirely by community volunteers with zero funding, will be a tool for the community at large to get to know the cDAO, what it is about, what it does, contact and social information, and what the Community DAO has been doing lately.

Many thanks to our community member Ofego for the design and layout. I (ILL_DIE_TRYING) will be following up with adding some dynamic content once the design phase is done.

ONE big added bonus for the project is to include and showcase community talent on the Harmony network. Ofego selflessly stepped up in a big way and delivered.

LordMegalodon has also stepped in and purchased one HNS domain for the cDAO to get started with. Once everything is live and ready, we will post agin to the forums to announce it.

Built by the community, for the community, A Harmony Community DAO Project.

Below is a little screenshot of the work in progress:


@Globey.one @Jacksteroo @lij @StrongMindsHold


This is fantastic! So glad to see the community DAO making great headway!


I just wanted to tag @stse and @Sam into this thread as you were both so instrumental in the formation and implementation of the Core Daos into the Harmony eco system.

The community dao owes you a Thank You for providing the members of the dao the opportunity to work and be involved in projects like these.

We cant wait for full release and future developments to the Home Page.

The c-dao is still here and still building :construction_worker_woman: :man_construction_worker: :blue_heart:
(Community Dao Member)


Excellent work! Hopefully the core team will see this and appreciate it.