Everstake - polkadot-harmony bridge

we are exploring a grantee’s proposal to build a polkadot-harmony bridge.

apply 9/2
start 9/21
amount $25k
users crypto: 1M
category defi: bridges, stablecoins, oracles
:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: emoji :bridge_at_night:
name everstake
x for y a polkadot-harmony bridge
1-liner a bridge secured by validator incentives which allows asset transfers between polkadot and harmony
bio 1/ vit parkhomenko: product and community manager at everstake, masters in linguistics from kyiv national linguistics university. 2/ aleksei korobeinikov, masters in civil engineering, android/web developer, lead blockchain developer for pandora boxchain, remme, and geoprotocol, former cto of incrypto and current cto at blaize, a blockchain development company. 3/ milhailo dehtiarov, masters in computer engineering and a golang developer for everstake and codex exchange.
deck https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DSveO5fC3YQfwitaY3bdzJJgyKNg9SmrzwF9cu2AWso/edit
pic https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yWqo2yHdOJiHf__r0FMqJ8b-u-PjGiw6/view?usp=sharing
forum https://harmony.one/talk-everstake
town kyiv, ukraine pst +10
:notes: community :tiger: laurent
:innocent: angels @I_SivaKotiReddy
:crossed_swords: captains :aries: jb273
:pick: validators :beers: Harmony Community Node
:woman_technologist: eng harmonauts :cricket_bat_and_ball: ganesha
:woman_astronaut: biz harmonauts :nazar_amulet: gizem
current traction
demo https://everstake.one/balance
prior grants / engagements received grants from polkadot, tezos, cosmos and solana (polkadot-solana bridge)
team size 3 (1 product manager, 2 backend engineers)
team cost, time commitment 30 hours/week per person
social: telegram, twitter 3k twitter https://twitter.com/everstake_pool , 580 tg https://t.me/everstake_chat
7-day metric targets
active users 1k
retention rate 60%+
assets $10k
transactions 10k
volume $10k
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
1: testnet deploy contract on testnet, conduct ama in everstake telegram chat
2: demo, ama attend community ama call, publish docs on github. design front end
3: docs, blog launch and announce testnet demo, 100 beta users to test
4: mainnet launch on harmony mainnet m1 asset bridge & m2 native tokens bridge (based on the details in the deck) and polkadot edgeware smart contract parachain, launch front end mvp UI on everstake.one/harmonypolkadot
5: users/assets 1,000 users completing 1,000 swaps
6: marketing create a 500+ word article to post on everstake blog and medium, launch on product hunt and hacker news, announce on everstake twitter & linkedin

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility :wrench:, decentralized community :family_woman_woman_girl_boy:, and cryptographic innovations :zap: — aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance :money_with_wings: and auditable privacy :shield:.

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at harmony.one/open-grants.

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Hi Alex,

Could you please clarify these?

  • What is the difference in deliverables for week1 and week2?
  • What is the difference in deliverables for week3 and week4?
  • So, after week5, we should have 2-way transfer with tx status and certain fault tolerance?
  • By end of week6, we would have NFT bridging capabilities? (both ways)?

Hello Alex,

I think it would be wise to integrate governance system where all stakeholder have a voice. So that the everstake bridge’s development reflects the values of the community!


I definitely approve of this. Bridges are going to be hugely important in the coming days, and who wouldn’t want to connect to PolkaDot chain?!?



I approve this…Best wishes and good luck to the team…


Ganesha, we are defining the deliverables with Vit now. They want to implement M1 and M2 within the first phase which will rework the deliverables. Will update once we confirm on the deliverables with the team.

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This bridge needs to be build absolutely, important connection to Polkadot!

Would be nice to know more about how this will be implemented, will it be a bridge module or a bridge contract? For those who want to learn more: https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/en/learn-bridges

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Glad to see Polkadot-Harmony bridge within our grantees. This bridge will definitely be needed in near future, and the fact that you guys received grants from other major chains says a lot about the quality of the team.

To represent the product team, I would encourage you to define clear actions and tactics that will attract users in a sustainable way. I am also happy to chat and brainstorm.


The project is progressing well and we are looking forward to finishing the audit and launching on mainnet in the coming weeks.

Here is the bridge user guide for testing:

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Hi, I was wondering if this bridge was completed and if not, if there are still plans to complete it. I don’t see any recent updates on it, and was wondering about the status of the project. Thanks.

the bridge is going through final audit and we’ll public announce and launch it once ready.