Expansion of VitaminCoin DAO to Harmony

yup, maybe acc on forum is new, but tbh I started with trading and providing liquidity ONE-VITC since the beginning, when cooperation was announced. Joined Harmony discord as well and I got to say, that like the way they run community handling. Think that cooperation is beneficial for both.


Please don’t fund this.
The goals have nothing to do with crypto.


We hope that this project continues in its completion


Vitc is a very serious and future project. I think the management team is one of the best that exist. And as for haters : If you would see the inside of this comunity you would change your mind about it! Keep it up guys!


Great project with dedicated team members. I support this motive!


Hi i am Banksy. I’m one of the thousands of people active on Vitamin coin discord that Kript mentioned. VITC has had such a big impact on my life in such a short amount of time. I believe this project has super bright future and I’m gonna stick with VITC, supporting it. Thanks for reading.



How will your app automatically track if someone is exercising ? Will it only track distances that they are running or will it also be able to track people who are doing other type of exercise, for example calisthenics etc… ?

Also, will your NFT’s have a use case ? It’s hard to imagine how this project will generate any profit as VitamiCoin bleeds because people are “moving”


vitamin coin and its community is a community that thinks of people’s own health before them. It is one of the rare communities that you trust your project so far. Moreover, zero commission.It will continue to take firm steps forward on its way by getting stronger with Harmony. Vitamin coin is love, it is the name of love.


Vitc has a lot of high quality projects. It would be great if you decide to support us. We are strong community.


Its basically to make the dev’s pocket beefier


I have been following VITC for 2 months. I see that it is not only ceypto community alao caring of good health. Thanks for hope


Vitc community is just amazing. And good things are for good people. There are people from Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, Australia. I dont think we have someone from Antartica, people dont want to be healthy there. You are welcome and will be welcome in the community.


Great project, it started on Vite Chain, but now it’s expanding and now it’s also on Harmony, Terra, and BSC


It is one of the best projects i have seen so far, active community with more than 2k people, a good project with outstanding team is all we need. The devs here are genius, and most important thing is that they engage with the community to make the project more better!.


I actually gave a YES to three different types of proposals yesterday.
Just because I gave you a NO doesn’t mean I am doing that for everyone.

I am giving my opinion and asking proper questions to the DAO proposers.
What is wrong with that?

If you cannot answer direct questions without taking it personally then I believe that gives me even more reasons to be cautious of your project.

Good luck!


Vitamin coin is on of the top project as far i know.
Team working hard and we growing evryday.
I will really like if that’s if this proposal were adopted


agreed, theres still some good stuff, just because we want to protect the ecosystem fund doesnt mean we are negative

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This isn’t my project but thanks for the explanation. Good luck.

Hey! I submitted this proposal yesterday, and want to address a few points brought up.

  1. New accounts here

There’s a significant portion of our community that hasn’t had much exposure to the harmony ecosystem, and would’ve had no reason to have an account here. Of course, I shared our intent with our community, and asked them to support us without incentivization. Feel free to check out the discord to confirm.

  1. Money going to devs

Most of what we want to do on Harmony, as far as expanding our project into gameified exercise goals and programs, developing and issuing nfts in the course of that, developing custom smart contracts, etc require devs. And we’re not willing to ask or demand anyone do that for free. “Stuffing devs pockets” is a silly accusation if you ask me, and implies developers don’t deserve to be paid for their time.

  1. How will this benefit harmony

This will primarily benefit harmony through development of a move to earn ecosystem being developed here, with associated defi and gamefi elements attached to it. We have a great track record of development on our primary chain, and would love to expand that development focus to include harmony. Including the harmony sorry of it projects in our apps will also benefit harmony by exposing more non-harmony users to the great platform we have here.

  1. How will we track and prevent cheating

Currently all rewards are manually verified, and take place in our discord. We’re in the final stages of development and deployal of a standalone app on Android, which includes robust anti cheating measures by way of account verifications, addresses, and pulling the data from Google fit, where were able to differentiate the sources of data to eliminate manual entry. While we currently only focus on step tracking, we are exploring the possibilities to reward based on other metrics, like heartrate.

  1. Concerns of only selling project token leading to price decline.

Price is an important issue, not only for those who buy, but also because we want to make sure the tokens we rewardv hold value for those that earn them. That’s why we’ve developed a strong profit sharing system going to holders, to give the token intrinsic value through passive revenue streams. These include, at this moment, node rewards and gateway bridging fees. Soon that will be expanded to Dex fees from our Dex on vite, as well as an upcoming nft market. With all fees going to holders.

  1. This belongs in launch

This project has been around since last July, is already a DAO, and had already seen significant development. We’re simply looking to expand our DAO to harmony and build on our foundation to include the harmony ecosystem.

I’ll be around to comment more on other concerns. I’m not the sort that wants to shut down any discussion, and for those critical that’s perfectly okay. I’m more than happy to discuss concerns, and we’re always open to clarify or answer questions.

I highly believe in harmony, and we want to make the VitaminCoin ecosystem truly a multi chain one. With the ability to move the token between chains for very low or free cost, depending on the apect of the project one wishes to engage in.


Developers absolutely deserve to be paid. They usually work in software development companies and organisations that generate revenue which allows those organisations to pay them. What are your revenue streams? You seem to misunderstand the premise grant scheme.