F3STIVAL | Welcoming 1000+ womxn to web3 in Vancouver, BC on July 9-10

Name of Event/Project

F3STIVAL | Welcoming 1000+ womxn to web3

Proposal overview

F3STIVAL is welcoming 1000+ womxn to web3. This for womxn, by womxn conference will be hosted in beautiful, Vancouver BC from July 9-10, 2022. The venue for our event will be at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Over two days, a full cast of womxn speakers and educators will discuss topics like ‘wtf is crypto?’ and get hand on to answer questions like “how the f do I setup a wallet?’.

Topping off the event will be a pitch competition where one femxle-founded web3 company will be awarded a $25,000 investment, funded and decided on by F3STIVAL ticket holders. 9 finalists and 1 wildcard team from the HACKH3RTHON will pitch live.

Harmony’s many initiatives for supporting gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in web3 is widely known, celebrated, and appreciated. We look forward to amplifying that effort in a few ways:

  1. Bringing more projects, led by womxn, onto the Harmony blockchain
  2. Awarding $2500 to one hackh3rthon idea built on the Harmony blockchain
  3. Introducing 1000+ womxn to crypto and teaching them how to buy/swap to ONE
  4. Showcase some of the most talented womxn in the Harmony ecosystem from HERDAO and Blu3DAO
  5. Offer Harmony-sponsored scholarships for womxn to travel and attend the event
  6. Expand our reach within the ecosystem via our community partners like CryptoBabes, Women in the Metaverse, and beyond

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

  • Total # of womxn attendees going to the event
  • Total # of womxn attendees going to the practical workshops: "how the f do I setup a wallet?’
  • Total # of teams pitching their web3 projects for funding
  • Total # of teams pitching their web3 projects at the hackh3rthon
  • Total # of projects launched on Harmony at the hackh3rthon
  • Total # of womxn speakers
  • Total # of womxn workshop hosts
  • Total # of F3 community members after the event
  • Total % of womxn attendees leaving the event feeling more curious, capable, and confident about web3

Event Structure

What the F? Learn from the stories and experiences of womxn in web3.

  • WTF is the blockchain?
  • WTF is crypto?
  • WTF is DeFi?
  • WTF is an NFT?
  • WTF is a DAO?
  • WTF is the metaverse?

How the F? Get hands-on and actually do the damn thing. Leave with real web3 experience.

  • HTF do I build on the blockchain?
  • HTF do I setup a wallet?
  • HTF do I borrow or lend tokens?
  • HTF do I mint an NFT?
  • HTF do join a DAO?
  • HTF do I enter the metaverse?

Pitch for $25K in funding for your web3 company.

  • 10 femxle-founded companies in web3 will be invited to pitch on stage on Day 1
  • A panel of reviewers that include notable VCs from 500, Madrona, and CoinFund will select a Top 3 to do Q&A on Day 2
  • All F3STIVAL ticket holders will vote on the winning team

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Sounds great!! I like the back to basics approach, because I often see these types of events as intimidating for people who are new to the space, and I think this approach should pull people in to get them started… Good luck!


Thanks so much @dwb! This felt so important to our community because we were finding that after some initial learning, without practical application of that knowledge, they didn’t feel anymore confident in their understanding. We can’t wait to show everyone how the f to do the amazing, important work in web3!


Thanks for the support! We’re super excited to bring more womxn into this space and help them learn from the ground up. We’re also open to feedback and would love to hear what you have to say to make our event even better :slight_smile:


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @essalacher, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


It’s a beautiful thing!!! All the best! And thank you. :blush: It’s a great public service!

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Not sure I can suggest anything because it looks like a great event already! Well thought out. :blush:

It made me think of my daughter who is struggling to find her path in life at 17 and finishing high school soon. She’s feeling lost and not ready to go out into the world or college, etc., And this is the type of community event I’d love her to check out. Unfortunately, she’s in Toronto and I’m in Thailand right now. She wouldn’t be able to make the trip, so maybe one thought:

Is there any way to add a streaming component to some or all of the event (or maybe I missed that?)

Either way, thank you. This is important work you’re all doing!!

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I have been fortunate the F3 team and they are amazing ladies doing rad work!! I hope to see Harmony fund amazing initiatives like this one. Crypto Babes is definitely going!! Thanks for organizing the event, I look forward to team our community about it.

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@f3annee thank you for submitting this proposal.

  1. can you provide a breakdown of what the grant funds will specifically be used for?
  2. provide materials and metrics to educate about our ecosystem and protocol?
  3. will the hackathon and education during the event be focused on harmony?
  4. will you have other sponsors at this event?
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Hi Essa!

Happy to :slight_smile:


  1. Paying every womxn speaker
  2. Paying every womxn educator
  3. Paying every womxn staff member
  4. Paying every womxn performer
  5. Providing childcare for every womxn in attendance, as needed
  6. Providing scholarships for travel + accom to womxn attendees from around the world
  7. Providing bursaries for travel + accom to womxn speakers from around the world
  8. Creating a safe environment for everyone in attendance
  9. Planning, producing, and presenting F3STIVAL
  10. All spill-over from the event proceeds will go toward funding femxle founders in web3*


    • 1 x 45min interactive workshop: How the f do I build on Harmony? or How the f do I build a DAO?
      • Rachel / Essa? Alternatively, we can have someone local prep with your team ahead and provide the education onsite.
    • 1 x 45min panel: WTF is the blockchain? or WTF is a DAO?
      • Rachel / Essa?
    • 1 x 45min interactive workshop: How the f do I build on Harmony? or How the f do I build a DAO?
      • Pr-recorded and shared with all attendees post-event
    • 1 x 45min panel: WTF is the blockchain? in Twitter Spaces and/or Instagram Live
      • Rachel / Essa?
    • 1 x sponsored booth for Harmony AND
    • 1 x sponsored booth for a company in the Harmony ecosystem
      • For example:
        • CreativeDAO
        • AfricaDAO
        • Blu3DAO
        • HERDAO


  • 1 x $2500 prize (included in the sponsorship and to be split between all projects built on Harmony)


  • Yes, we’ve been so lucky to have Transak, Rally, Ledger, ConsenSys and a few others sponsor F3STIVAL – all of which will bring their own colorful perspectives on questions like ‘WTF is a DAO?’ ‘How the f do I build on the blockchain?’

I also put together this Notion doc for your team to review with a few more details on how we plan to bring our partnership with Harmony to life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review.


PS. I’m so excited that I can finally do this on here, so here are photos of our gorgeous venue (named after a brilliant Canadian, femxle artist)

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Hi Essa!

I hope that with your help, we can build out the educational materials together. I think that the language we use and how it’s presented to our community is really important, especially in our interactive workshops.

The work that Harmony does is expansive and truly about community-driven efforts, so I imagine a display of all the incredible DAOs that are currently connect and creating within Harmony and borrowing from them what’s worked well and what could be better – all in a play book to share with our up and coming DAO founders and members.

I want to honor how collaborative the web3 world is by allowing many femxle voices in the space to share their lens on what the blockchain means to them and how they’d define it (I always love the analogies made in these conversations). So when measuring success, we aim to turn the curious into the capable over the course of two days. As we continue to build, I’d like to survey our community on their level of confidence.

We’re still early on in planning, so it’s important that we take your ideas on how we can best support the ecosystem and protocol sincerely and holistically.

Okay, good night! :zzz:

Thank you SO much for this feedback! We’ve since taken it back to the team and couldn’t agree more about the importance of the event’s accessibility.

Without further adieu… HERE is where you can find FREE virtual tickets to F3STIVAL! :tada:


This is great, @f3annee! I truly hope this is a life-changing event for many, and while I believe it would already have been the case, adding this component will help expand your reach to so many who otherwise may have missed out on being inspired to action in the Web3 world.

I’ll do my best to share this event through my private channels - including to my daughter!

Best of success to the f3 team on this & future events!!


This looks like a great event!! We definitely need more diversity in the industry.

I am the Talent Manager at a Web3 company, House of Kibaa, headquartered in downtown Vancouver. I would be interested to see how we could possibly get involved with this event? kaz@hosueofkibaa.com

Kind regards,


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