web3SF 1k+ Builder Hackathon SF Aug11-13

Name of Project



Founder Inc, alongside Thirdweb & Buildspace are working together to bring together web3SF. A 1k+ builder hackathon in San Francisco in from August 11-13th.

About Us:

Our goal for web3SF is to focus on the builders in the community to develop new products and provide support during but also post hackathon.

The goals for the event can be summarised in 3 parts.

We’ve partnered with one of the most successful event production companies in the space Superf.ly (Developed developer conferences for Google, Intel, Dropbox, AT&T and more) to create a Solar Punk themed hackathon, with a focus on building new projects in the space and on Harmony.

Current Stage:

We are currently in generating creative assets and finalising floor plan for the event. Working on a larger launch to attract talent and builders (Would love an introduction to Blu3 DAO to get their quality teams to the event).

We have a full workback schedule we are happy to share to our grant supervisor.

You can view our full partnership deck here.


We’re looking to partner with Harmony at either at $100k tier + feedback lounge or our $250k tier.

This breaks down as follows:

  • Castle Tier as $130k towards event cost + $20k towards bounty prizes ($150k total)
  • Guild Tier as $200k towards event cost + $50k towards bounty prizes ($250k total)

Other Asks:

  • A developer advocate to run online workshop sessions to get people familiar with Hamorny pre-event.
  • Technical staff to man the feedback lounges / booth for the event during the course of the Hackathon
  • Co-marketing across harmony social channels and ecosystem to get Harmony developers building at the event.

Full partnership benefits can be found below.

Additional Benefits:

  • Our co-host Thirdweb has also offered to add Harmony to their roadmap of EVM supported infrastructure partners for their tooling.

  • Space for successful Harmony projects at our 10k sqft Founder Lab in San Francisco.


  • Completion is 8 weeks until event day. We have a weekly breakdown workback across growth, operations and creative.
  • Net new projects built on Harmony
  • 1k+ attendees to the event in August
  • Growth on social media following to 6k+ followers on main web3SF channel


Link to full partnerships deck here.
Link to workback schedule