Finally Harmony got a faucet!

Lady and gentlemen,

My friend had some spare time and did release a faucet for the Harmony community:

Did you swap all your Ones for those Jewels? Did you just start on Harmony and don’t have enough for your first transaction?

It’s ok, we got you covered!

Basically, you can claim 0.01 one up to 3 times a day, after filling a captcha to avoid abuse with bots.

Note that the faucet won’t work if you have already enough one in your wallet to cover a transaction.

This faucet is made benevolent and we loaded it with some ONE for the community. If you have a few changes to spare and like the idea, just send some One to this address, so we keep the faucet running:


I hope this will be helpful to the community :crossed_fingers:


Thank you very much, it will make life a lot easier for new users!
I will happily refill your faucet from my own funds if you also add metamask support.

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What do you mean with Metamask support ? It can connect with metamask already.

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I’m sorry, really. For some reason I had a problem with mobile metamask.
everything works now!
i will send ONE to your support now!

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Thank you so much for the feedback, let us know if anything else wouldnt work :blush:

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