Cannot Claim Rewards or Unstake

Because gas fees have increased to 30 gwei or so in recent months I’m not able to either claim rewards or unstake my coins from this site Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B. The transactions fail because the gas fees are too low and the app will not let me increase the gas fees. Would appreciate any assistance as to how to increase gwei so I can perform 2 transactions so I can move coins to a new metamask account.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Joeker,

Are you still using the Harmony Chrome Extension wallet? Here is a guide on moving to Metemask-
Moving To MetaMask. Today we will be learning how to import… | by Harmony ValidatorDAO | Medium

YouTube Video-Migrating From Chrome Extension to MetaMask - YouTube

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Thanks, I have viewed that vid and read the docs and I can move the funds in my chrome extension wallet to my metatmask. I just wanted a way to claim rewards and unstake on this site (Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B) so I can then transfer to a specific metamask wallet address rather than importing to another address. If there’s no other way to do this then I will use the above doc/video to do the import process. Much appreciated for your reply!

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You’re very welcome. If you already have metamask you have to import your private key. After you import your wallet to metamask you’ll be able to claim rewards then you can undelegate to transfer to another wallet added to your metamask.

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Thanks very much PeaceLoveHarmony, appreciate your help on this one!