Is there any direct support from Harmony at all? Falling between the cracks

A week ago I sent an email to It was the only email address I could find, and I was unable to find any support mechanism at all on the website. Since I didn’t get an answer, I tucked the issue and request for help in over here:

Still not a thing. I’ve purchased a few times already, so the lack of support is really concerning. Is there ANY way to get assistance? A support page that allows the submission of tickets? A separate support email?

Many thanks for any assistance someone may be able to provide,

What issues are you having?

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Hi, @Jerome0389 ! I tucked the original note into the one above. The “Buy” page has been throwing 404 errors for me for more than a week.

Just wondering if the Harmony team has intentionally disabled the ability to buy ONE tokens from the website? I’ve made a couple of purchases in the past that were successfully completed by Simplex when I initiated the purchase here:

I notice that the BUY button is also disabled on the MetaMask dashboard. I was wondering if this a technical problem the Harmony team is working to resolve or have they had perhaps stopped being the bridge to purchases for their own tokens?

I’d be curious about it perhaps being a glitch with my account if it was just a problem on MetaMask, but don’t think that’s the case since the entire Buy page on the actual Harmony website seems to have disappeared.

I’ve tried it in several different browsers but they all throw the same error. Not sure what else to do in the absence of an answer from the Harmony team directly.

Thanks a bunch,


I can totally help you out and guide you in the right direction. can be a little confusing. You probably got lost in the shuffle due to the fact that you’re in the community introductions section. I’ve noticed this section can get flooded with new users, and a lot of the people that could have helped you out are scouring other sections here, and in the other social media platforms. I think you have a few issues, one being that MetaMask isn’t affiliated with Harmony, but it does support the token. Im not sure if you stake your tokens or not, but just recently could you stake using MetaMask without jumping through some other hoops. I could have a very very long message detailing some possible issues (buying through simplex), preference of getting tokens on exchanges, and possible considerations of navigation, but I’ll refer you to a harmony one validator that I’m confident can help you out. I will leave you with this…… I went down this rabbit hole myself last June (first purchase through simplex and having to convert the Harmony one token from the binance chain to native token using the bridge). I was so confused. I didn’t give up. The only thing I regret now is not getting in to this community sooner.

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Sue, I think they have discontinued support for the simplex page or moved it to another link. You can still purchase one on any major exchange and withdraw it to your metamask wallet. I personally purchase mine from as If I’m willing to wait I can do an ach transfer and get my purchases with almost no fee. I’m not aware of being able to purchase directly on metamask wallet unless you’re swapping other coins for it using a defi application.

Hope this answers your questions Sue.


@Jerome0389 and - thanks so very much for taking the time to share what you both have here!

I’m puzzled as to why Harmony would simply disconnect their buy page without redirecting it to an alternative (even an explanation that they are no longer providing this service themselves). Their own assets still point to it. You’d think they would at least post something here in the community to let people know if this process has changed or disappeared.

My interest in the ONE tokens came about when a colleague shared his experiences with staking them in DeFi Kingdoms where the ROI has been quite high. After a little research, I decided to buy some ONE tokens to stake there, pairing many of them with DeFi Kingdom’s native “Jewel” currency in a liquidity pool there. I used MetaMask as the wallet, which had a BUY button that was functional until the buy page at Harmony simply disappeared.

Finding absolutely no support on the Harmony website itself, I reached out to Simplex, through whom I had completed my initial 2 purchases via the Harmony buy page. They pointed me back to that page again, which of course no longer exists.

I also reached out to MetaMask who also said this was a Harmony issue. I’m surprised that neither Simplex nor MetaMask pointed out their own vehicles for purchasing the ONE tokens, and while I did find those opportunities on both myself, I hoped to resolve this directly with Harmony since it’s their own token.

I found the problem when I went back to purchase more ONE tokens, wanting to stake them with other validators. I found a few that really resonated and I wanted to compare the results I’d get with each next to the success I’ve enjoyed at DeFi Kingdoms. This is when I found the buy page missing and the MetaMask wallet buy button disabled.

I appreciate the alternatives you have both shared. I’ll admit that my relative inexperience with Crypto creates a level of intimidation as I slowly research and work to understand this better.

I’m still astonished at the absolute lack of any tangible support mechanism from Harmony themselves. What attracted me to them was how forward-thinking they are and the innovative way they have tackled the problems of long finality times (2-second finality and working toward 1…amazing!) and loved how tiny the gas fees were using DeFi Kingdoms with MetaMask (fractions of a penny). Felt like a good place to start, which makes this road bump all the more disappointing as I move forward. I’m really curious about the way you’re purchasing through and am going to look at this as an alternative. The fact that you’re doing this with almost no fee certainly has my interest!

Thanks again so very much for the ideas you both so generously provided! Truly grateful.

2 Likes are you using the app or the exchange? The reviews of the app are kind of abysmal. Seems like there are quite a few unhappy users with complaints ranging from chronic login problems to unreliable transaction issues. Curious about your own experience.

Thanks again for taking the time to reach back!


Definitely just the exchange application. I test and use a multitude of wallets from cold storage ledgers to software based metamask wallets. Very few of them have comprehensive on ramps or on ramps at all. Some are outright frustrating. There is a 1 stop shop wallet application in development on Harmony called 1wallet and it is expected to have an integrated on ramp to purchase coins. I was lucky enough to see a demonstration and presentation in Denver recently. In essence what we all want is still being built, but the future looks very good.



3 Likes thanks again so very much for taking the time to respond and offering such helpful information! I’m going to go ahead and give the app a try.

As for the pending Harmony 1Wallet, I signed up for the pre-release notifications last week when I first read about it. Looking forward to it’s release mid-April as it seems to solve some interesting problems. Thanks for mentioning it. Definitely onside.

Exponential Yes to frustration levels. It took some time to wrap my head around some of the mazes you get pushed through in trying to do the most basic tasks.

Thanks again so very much for the generosity of your shares!


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I’m having similar issues getting any support or responses to my issues with the BTC Bridge. Very frustrating


@jesterno2 I’m really sorry to hear that! Given the terrific level of stewardship the Harmony team offers through a variety of channels (including their very thoughtful shares via YouTube) I’m kind of gobsmacked they appear to channel virtually all communications through a single email address.

Even navigating these forums to try to find the appropriate place to get help was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Simply typing in keywords to suss that out was in vain, which is why I landed here in the welcome section. It looked like a number of other people were turning here for help.

I’m not sure why they don’t have a help desk with ticketing support. Hopefully, that’s on their to-do list.


Again guys, this thread is in the welcome section, so chances of receiving the support you may need will be low due to its post location. I highly recommend creating a twitter profile as another means of communication with validators. You can add me at @vicinelly and I can recommend some people to follow, jump on some twitter spaces and learn like I have. I believe or @easynode can help with bridge issues.

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Thanks, @Jerome0389 . Will do!


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I’ll try tweeting as well, but just FYI, on the front page for the categories, it says under Introductions to Introduce yourself and Ask for Help. That, combined with the lack of an actual Support/Help channel, is likely why people are “asking for help” in here. I know that’s why I did… Just a piece of feedback that you guys may want to change that subtitle and add a Support/Help channel if you don’t want people asking for help here…


I did run across that after my last post, and I agree. Not exactly a great place to have a help area. I’ll try to make it a point to bring it up at the next community DAO twitter space.


Hi @Sue I just came across your other post and followed the link here.

Have you tried using:

I have no affiliation with them, I am just a Harmony enjoyer, but, I am aware of them as they are linked at the docks on defikingdoms.

Hope this may help.

Was the question about the level of the engagement and support from the Harmony Team members answered? I feel like everyone here moved into the resolution of the problem. I’m also trying to get someone to engage with my question.