New Feature: `WEIGHT CLASSES`

TrustlessTeam plans to implement - WEIGHT CLASSES - for FIGHTING Pools on

This would entail creating a new FIGHTING Pool.

You can read more about how FIGHTING Pools work on our Whitepaper:

Currently there is only 1 FIGHTING Pool.

The current FIGHTING Pool is used for depositing $FISH so that other players have a $FISH to attack and FIGHT,

In the future, when you select the FIGHTING Button, you will now see 2 options below that button before you are brought to the FIGHTING Screen.

The current FIGHTING Pool will remain as is, and will be hence referred to as the “Free For All” FIGHTING Pool


As it stands, the per-Block rewards for $FISH which are deposited into the “Free For All” FIGHTING Pool is set to 0.023 $FISHFOOD per Block.
~0.69 $FISHFOOD a Minute
~42 $FISHFOOD per Hour
~1000 $FISHFOOD per Day

These rewards are shared between all $FISH which are actively deposited into the “Free For All” FIGHTING Pool, and are calculated per block but issued to $FISH holders when said $FISH are withdrawn from the FIGHTING Pool or if they DIE while deposited, their $FISHFOOD rewards are sent back with their associated $DEADFISH NFT which contains the terms of their final fight.

The actual FIGHT will result in the same current rewards of 100 $FISHFOOD, during FISHING & BREEDING SEASON, and 200 $FISHFOOD, during FIGHTING SEASON.
Note: These rewards are currently seeing a multiplier to celebrate Mainnet launch.

The additional FIGHTING Pool will be referred to as “Stats Under 50” FIGHTING Pool.
Only $FISH which have ALL 3 primary stats, Strength, Intelligence & Agility, under a score of 50 or lower will be admitted into this particular FIGHTING Pool.

At this time, rewards you can win for this kind of FIGHT so that it is 50% of a “Free For All” FIGHTING Pool Rewards.


The Per Block Rewards for $FISH deposited into the “Stats Under 50” FIGHTING Pool is set to 0.0125 $FISHFOOD per Block.
~0.345 $FISHFOOD a Minute
~21 FISHFOOD per Hour
~500 $FISHFOOD per Day

The actual FIGHT will result in a halving of the current rewards to 50 & 100 $FISHFOOD depending on active SEASON; 50 During FISHING & BREEDING SEASON, 100 During FIGHTING SEASON.

Final notes:

  • STATS UNDER 50 lowered Rewards
    We can understand that some users may question these lower rewards but we believe that long term, this is the correct way to create implicate value for our powerful $FISH.

    All FIGHTING Pools which result in the death of a $FISH, verses future low-risk FIGHTING Pools, will result in the winning $FISH becoming an ALPHA $FISH until they BREED.

  • Increasing DEPOSIT REWARDS
    There is still plans to increase the DEPOSIT REWARDS associated with FIGHTING Pools, but it is currently planned to be increased based on player-base growth.
    Meaning that as more players join the game, we will increase the DEPOSIT REWARDS associated with FIGHTING Pools.

Current plan for full deployment of this feature to is :
Wednesday, April 13th 2022.

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We have decided to take this game feature deployment to a DAO vote to encourage involvement from the community and give our community more experience with

Please, if you have any FISH NFT and at least 100 ONE, join the DAO and vote for this game enhancement!

Voting begins in approximately 1 Hour.

Thank you!
@eddnorris & @schwab16 of

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