I want to create a very basic tutorial to Get Started

A few of us have had the opportunity to evangelize HarmonyONE and get people into the network. Unfortunately, a lot of our documentation is segregated and can be daunting to tell people, “hey go here, then here, then this, then that, and now you’re done!” This isn’t optimal, but can work for some just not all. I want to propose making a presentation that we can use as a default for meetups and etc. I also want to make a few bounties to optimize our entry points here to make it seamless and painless for absolutely new users to crypto. Harmony is so good and dead simple, we have a huge opportunity here to improve the UX of how to get people signed up. Since I have done quite a few demos and hooked people up with wallets. I’m more than happy to lead this endeavor but wanted to make a post here to get additional teamwork going. Please post below your ideas and we can work together to make this better!


Good idea.

There is already a broad variety of content to get devs started.
There’s the harmony-scaffold bounty:

And here is a repository with small projects to get people started
as well:

I would like to continue the video series “Captain’s Log” to walk through all of the steps
to build a first dapp.

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I assume this goes for basic things like create a wallet and delegate your coins, re-delagate, etc…

I am aware that this kind of tutorials and educational content has been discussed on the Community DAO, even for several languages. You are not the only one that realised that to find information can be a bit hard, especially for new people.

I would like to see a unique platform where all the educational content is allocated, all the topics, well indexed and if possible in many many languages.

I would try to get in contact with the guys of the Community DAO.
Hey Ben, @ben2k_Stakeridoo isn’t this something that could be coordinated with the Community DAO?


@Manumix hanks for pointing out :call_me_hand:t3:

@y04nqt In our nomination for the Community DAO me and @freyala came up with this point. I did already a Brainstorming and think we (Community DAO, Creative DAO and also in some points also Dev DAO) need to work in future on this to build a more user friendly and solid Docs with easy written guides and screenshot. Those can be translated in several languages by DAO member and later by Community member (with rewarding). Later we may need more help of Creative DAO to bring those written guides into a nice Video Format. Think easy written Guides and Youtube Tutorials are often requested by the community. And cause we also know some already existing FAQ & Issues we can directly mention those and getting a huge collection of necessary and helpful information for Users.


That sounds really good. This won’t be an easy task and as you mention it will require the coordination and participation of several DAOs and community members.

This will give a warm welcome to newbies (and not so newbies) that want to onboard and explore more into the project.

I am ready to help in translating into Spanish if you need any help but I guess that will be coordinated through the Spanish DAO. To make this thing really big it would be great to have documentation in basically every possible language out there since there are millions of people not speaking the biggest languages:

English → 1,13Bill speakers
Mandarin → 1,11Bill speakers
Spanish → 534Mill speakers
French → 280Mill speakers
Arabic → 274Mill speakers
Russian → 258Mill speakers
Portuguese → 234Mill speakers

Source: The most spoken languages in the world

But for a start I guess these would be the ones to focus on, with the exception of maybe Mandarin since crypto is being banned in China. I let that decisions to the DAO members :slight_smile:

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I would be happy to help develop for the Russian-speaking community :point_up:


@y04nqt Did you mean such basic stuff as creating wallets, staking, using DEX?

There are great videos of Robin Schmitt that cover a lot of these.
But it’s quite hidden in the Harmony Protocol YouTube channel:

HORIZON: the Harmony // Ethereum Bridge is live on Mainnet - YouTube (BSC / ETH)
HOW-TO: Terra + Harmony Bridge - YouTube (Terra)

Delegating (Staking):

Wallet: Could not find one for ONE Wallet there is a really old and bad one!

I think those are very important for onboarding people to the ecosystem, but I don’t see it as a task for the developers / Developer DAO. This is something the Community DAO can collect/create, organize and document. In a way that people have access to that information.

As a developer, I want to focus on onboarding developers with topics like:

  • How to setup local testnet
  • How to port dapps from ethereum (there are some assets already)
  • How the techstack works (frontend, solidity-compiler, harmony-api, wallet integration)
  • What integrations are deployed and how to use them (e.g. Chainlink)
  • and so on …

I think communication between the DAOs is important, but we should focus on each one’s field of expertise.


Yes Community DAO has already started with Brainstorming cause by those Guides we can increase education and so participation in voting :call_me_hand:t3:

Dev DAO would only be needed for specific technical request for example I still don’t know how to connect that crazy.one domain I created in 1Wallet with my Twitter Account :sweat_smile:


Yeah. That’s how I envision the cooperation of the DAOs. :sunglasses::+1:


This is a great idea actually. I wished i was here when this post was done.
I would have share my experience and contribute to this