What's Coming Next For FundsFi? After The Presale

What’s coming next for FundsFi? After the presale.

So, all of you are probably wondering what’s coming next for FundsFi after the presale.

Firstly, we are going to launch the prototype game this week before the presale ends. We are launching this prototype of this game to test out all of our features before we actually launch the main game to make sure everything run smoothly.

It will be a first come first when joining the server but there will be limited spots.

So, the Meta Estate is a Real Estate game where you’ll only be able to trade land in $FUNDS. So buy $FUNDS now at a cheaper price. Imagine a 3D Earth and you’ll be able select small parts of the earth to buy and trade.

The 2nd part of Meta Estate, this is where it gets amazing. The second part is a 3D game where you’ll be able to move around and have fun in. We’re trying to create a fun game where you don’t need financial incentives to play the game. Obviously, you’ll be able to make money in game by doing many different things. Like tasks to earn $FUNDS. (This will be a web3 game)

A really popular game currently is Axie Infinity and most users only play the game to try to earn money and no one really would play the game if there were no financial incentives.

In our game however it’ll be free to play and you will be able to earn money by playing our game. Earn $FUNDS trade real estate in $FUNDS and maybe $ONE.

The Staking Pools

We are also working very hard to launch the staking pools as soon as possible, to be able to stake $FUNDS and many other tokens. They will likely come out in May.

Current staking pools options:



  • Stake: $FUNDS Earn: $DAI

Partnerships & AMA’s

We have some partnerships right now but we will be focusing creating more partnerships and doing way more AMA’s and being more active within the Harmony Community.

We will start to secure way more partnerships and there will be crazy utility for the $FUNDS token within the Harmony Ecosystem.

Harmony Grant

We will be apply for a Harmony grant very soon once we have our prototype out.

$FUNDS Token

There are many use cases for $FUNDS

Supply is hard capped at 1 Billion $FUNDS.

  • Guilds Membership
  • Governance Voting Power
  • NFT Land Trading & Other Defi Game Utilities
  • Staking
  • Utilities within Partnered Projects
  • Much More coming Soon…

What can you currently do in FundsFi?

Our Own Guild Introduced:

We introduced our very own guild FundsFi There will much use for these guilds so make sure to join them!

Please make sure to connect your discord to get the roles in our server! As we do most of the announcements in our discord.

More usage announced later.

Project Updates/Announcements

We will be focusing on getting more and more organized and being super clear of what’s coming next and what we’re actually building currently. We will also be updating the whitepaper to have greater clarity on what we do and what we plan on building and way more clarity on FundsFi Community Teams & The NETWORK.

The NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams

FundsFi NETWORK provides everyone with massive networking opportunities for everyone.

We will be publishing a article on coming Wednesday about the NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams.

We will be giving way more clarity on:

  • How projects can utilize FundsFi’s NETWORK & Community Teams?
  • What value projects can gain from these tools?
  • How can it all be for free? What’s the catch?
  • How your projects will improve massively if you use our NETWORK & Community Teams?
  • Many other questions answered.

If you would like your specific question to be answered just ask away in our community discord.

$FUNDS Presale Ending April 29th

204 $FUNDS have been sold so far. You’re buying $FUNDSSale2 which will airdrop you $FUNDS automatically $FUNDS on the same day. There is no more a vesting period. We will also provide LP the same day.

This is FINAL round of presale of $FUNDS where everyone can buy in.

Supply is hard capped at 1 Billion and 100 Million are being sold including all rounds. The supply will be cut in half soon after the presale ends.

Articles Coming Next:

  • What can you currently do in FundsFi? — Monday April 25th
  • Who are we to guide projects? — Tuesday April 26th
  • The NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams — Wednesday April 27th
  • GPT-3 AI Coming to our discord — Wednesday April 27th
  • What value are we providing to the Harmony Protocol? — Thursday April 28th
  • What sets us Apart from the other projects?(Our Competitors) — Friday April 29th
  • Why should projects partner with FundsFi? — Jobs/Creating Economy/NETWORK/Community Teams/How we do all of this? — Friday April 29th
  • FundsFi seems too good to be true: why?how? — Saturday April 30th

Learn more about us:
Website: https://index.fundsfi.fund/
Main Website: https://www.fundsfi.fund — Launching Soon
About Us: https://about.fundsfi.fund
Presale : https://presale.fundsfi.fund
Partnership Request Form: https://airtable.com/shrWzg51kDCplJSWf
Sponsor Giveaway Request Form: https://airtable.com/shrcyTFS2NjoyDjDH
Whitepaper: https://one-usd.gitbook.io/fundsfi-whitepaper/
GitHub: https://github.com/TheSpecialNoob/FundsFi-Contracts
Medium: https://medium.com/@FundsFi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FundsFi
FlipBoard: https://flipboard.com/@FundsFi
Telegram: https://t.me/+ICMCiOUkYb8zMzZh
Metatrone: https://metatr.one/#/collection/0x91d0419889ff75e237e95778138f100072004748

Hiii team, just want to know before this presale , you completed any round or this 100 million sold from current presale round ?

Before this we only did 1 successful round and sold approximately 4600 $FUNDS. The total sale is 100M $FUNDS.

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