FundsFi's Metaverse Game is Here: Crypto Hub

Crypto Hub: Metaverse Game Across All Blockchains!

Crypto Hub

Imagine a metaverse game where you can just chill & have fun with your friends, Imagine a metaverse game where you can host events / parties / concerts / AMA’s / Giveaways and so much more. Imagine a metaverse game that is across multiple networks.

FundsFi’s Crypto Hub is here for everyone and it’s free! Crypto Hub is a metaverse type 3D game where players can enjoy and have fun! A metaverse where there are metaverse concerts / AMA’s from projects / Metaverse Giveaways and so much more.

(NOTE: The game is currently only available on Windows. The lobbies update will be going live soon and with that the game will be released on the browser!)

Game Download Link:

Places to Visit In Game:

There are many massive places to visit in the game:

  • Stadium: A place where all of the major events happen in game.
  • City: Check out the shops & the malls in the city
  • Village: Ancient village with many
  • Alien World: A world full of undiscovered species

Players can also speak to each other with our voice chat in game. Host & Join events hosted by other users & us.

Project Events Hosting : Projects please fill out this form if you would like to host an AMA with us or host an event in game and would like us to add some rewards to your event!

Form Link:

Game RoadMap

We have many great things planned for this game. We want to provide the best user experiences in our game and engage players with very fun game modes to grow the game & FundsFi.


  • Text Chat
  • PvP
  • Car Racing
  • Character Customization
  • Blockchain Integration

(NOTE: Lobbies will be coming out during the WebGL launch of the Game which is 3–4 days from now! Sign Up Here to Get Updates on the Game: Forms Link)


FundsFi Plans partner & host many live events with projects across many networks!
Please fill out the form linked above if you would like us host any live events or add any rewards your events or email us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the game or events!

Opportunities for Projects

In this game, projects have the opportunity to put ads in game to get massive traction & marketing for your project.

Projects will have 2 options: Permanent Ads or Temporary Ads. Permanent Ads allow projects to put ads in game forever and change them at a later date if they wish.

More details will be coming out soon with necessary information!

For now please email if you have questions or if you’ve already found a prime location for your project’s ad and would like to get started right away!

(NOTE: Ads placements will be coming out after lobbies version of the game is live)

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