Validator DAO Election Q2 2022 Results! (With an issue to bring to the community)

Hello everyone! The election has come to a close for Q2 2022 Validator DAO term 4!

It’s safe to say who will be serving Q2 2022 Validator DAO term 4!

Congratulations to:

Results- Harmony Validator DAO proposal: Validator DAO Elections Term 4 - Q2 2022 (

Thank you CoinChowder, ONEBullValidator and xLabGuyx for putting your candidacies in this term. Hope you can still contribute to the DAO :pray: :blue_heart:
**CoinChowder has withdrawn his candidacy from this term for other obligations. We wish him luck!

From the VDAO Charter

* Multiple choice vote
* Validators can choose up to 9 candidates for the DAO (Markings or note)

1. The new snapshot allowed Validators to vote for all candidates instead of just 9. Only 2 voted for all 12 candidates, so the results don’t change if you use the votes or not this time. Currently there is no way to cap the amount of votes on the snapshot.

2. (Not an issue for this election because it isn’t clear in the charter yet on the voting strategy.)
This election was done with stake weight instead of the usual 1 vote per validator. We need to decide going forward the voting strategy that everyone thinks best fits voting for candidates, then make it clear in the charter.

3. The snapshot also allowed voters to change their votes after voting. This can be a good or a bad thing. We just want to make everyone aware.



Congratulations everyone on the election!

Though I may not be elected as a gov, I’m still happy to help out the vdao if you guys need it. You can summon me on here or Twitter

Good luck in Q2!


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Thanks @xLabGuyx ! You’re awesome :smiley: :blue_heart:

Congratulations to all of the new Governors! :partying_face: This is going to be one great term! Can’t wait to see what gets accomplished for Q2 2022 :rocket:

@realcoinchowder and @ONEBullValidator I hope to see you guys run for governor and/or other positions in Harmony again one day. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors! :blue_heart: