Grant funding for MAD NFT Platform expansion

The Worlds most exclusive NFT platform for Art, Music, Sport and influencers!

Who are we?

MAD co-founders are SKIN (Jeff Williams) and JP(Jon-Paull Birch).

Our Mission.

To give artists the shop window they need and deserve to finally get rewarded for their creativity. We do this by getting the Artists to tell their story, and provide verifiable social media links. This gives investors the information they need to determine who they feel may rise to future prominence allowing them to choose carefully.

MAD x Harmony One.

We have been discussing the equity of an investment of $250K from Devin and Sam + $250K from Ed and Z to accelerate the services offered by MAD to the Harmony community.

Proposal Ask

We propose the sum of $75k, which will be using this to hire more developers to work on tech innovation and NFT auctions, dapps and interoperability in preparation for a token launch.

Further grant funding will allow us and Harmony One to accelerate the impact we can make together to be the market leader in NFT innovation on the blockchain.

We have also discussed $20,000 in funding to secure a financial handler.

The Problem.

The problem as it stands. Artists and musicians all over the world are

underpaid and undervalued for the creative contribution they bring to our lives.

Galleries and production houses control the money and the visibility forcing talented creators to receive minimum rewards for their outstanding work.

The Solution.

Provide all these talented beautiful human beings with a simple to use platform that is fully tooled with the latest technology designed to put money directly into their pockets. An inspired community of like minded creators helping each other claim the rewards they rightly deserve.

Want to read more about MAD?
Here is the litepaper:


So thankful for the Harmony team and community having faith in MAD. We are blessed and won’t stop making a difference


We’re so excited to see this platform take off in the Harmony ecosystem. Harmony has allowed us to provide creators with better opportunities which is exactly what we want to do so thank you!


Very nice marketplace! Would love to see collections similar to opensea. Regardless, this project is exciting.


Our collections and expansion will be far superior in terms of tech . Our expansion will allow for more developers to work the on boarding process along with auctions and further paths to build toward community driven decentralisation of the platform .

Thanks for the support


Yes please! I think that this is the year where we focus on making it easy to get Artists and Creators on chain. We def need a project like this to keep Harmony competitive!


With regard to investments stemming from Project X, it has come to our attention that multiple teams cannot invest in the same project; therefore, Sam and I have decided to allocate $550K (read: five hundred and fifty thousand dollars) to the MAD team, rather than $250K (with another $250 from Ed and Zi).

We realize that your team has already begun to hire full-time engineers and we do not want to interfere with the rapid pace that your team moves at.

Should your team accept these new investment terms, we can move forward with investment terms and funds allocation.

Additionally, it should be noted that $20K will still be allocated from my (Devin Marty) individual project x allocation to encourage and support the acquisition of a financial handler.


Thank you Devin, that’s amazing news and will help the growth of the MAD!


Thank you Devin we are so pleased won’t be support we have received to take this project beyond any measure to ensure the future of the platform and eco system


Really excited to onboard new users to the Harmony ecosystem through the MAD platform, providing them with all the tools they’ll need to learn, grow and have fun in the NFT space!


WE ARE LIVE ON HARMONY! First drop from Skin is available now!


Agreement to be put in contract form today.

Valuation: 20M

Equity Stake in tokens: 2.75%

15% at token launch
40% vested over 4 months
45% vested over 10 months

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Jp Birch, [05/03/2022 03:38]
Agreement for contract between party (A) MAD NFT (Jon Paull Birch & Jeffrey Williams) and party (B) HARMONY (Sam Harrison & Devon Marty).

MAD NFT will agree and accept to receive an investment of $550,000 USD stemming from Harmony project X - party (B).

Party (B) Sam Harrison and Devon Marty will receive a combined stake in MAD NFT tokens of 2.75% based on MAD NFT valuation of $20,000,000 USD.

The agreement of token distribution to be received by party (B) will be as followers:

15% at token launch.

40% vested over 4 months.

45% vested over 10 months.


This looks like a potentially great asset to the harmony eco-sphere - really interested to look at helping out in some way with community development - i will try and contact the team


Happy to have a chat email


Amazing news! Much thanks to the harmony team. Let’s build communities together and achieve something incredible! :blue_heart:


Funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

$550K at $0.1443 per ONE (5-day weighted average).

Looking forward to the success of MAD on Harmony!


So pumped for the next phase of this project, :blue_heart: