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Hello! Galaxii is a video platform that incentivizes our users with crypto, instead of likes, users will earn crypto currency as a way to monetize their content. Nowadays, YouTube and Facebook take a large cut from advertising and leave the content creators with what’s ever left. We want empower the content creators to earn while they create.

We have forked from Dtube, a video platform that was connected to the STEEM social media network, but their idea has dwindled away from bad management. We need to make some improvements such implementing our own native token and small upgrades to increase UI. Working with Harmony One team would be a dream come true and will help us with the next blockchain initiative… social blockchain projects. We will be launching our token on Harmony One blockchain soon. Beyond just rewarding users with our token, Harmony is cross chain compatible, so we could drive adoption via other blockchains where users can earn ETH, SOL, ADA and any other tokens they want. I believe that this would help us gain exposure to other blockchain communities. Also, I would like to have users be able to sell videos via NFT marketplace within Galaxii. Users would be able to buy content from influencers and start earning tokens for the popularity of the video. I would love to add live streaming to the platform to increase engagement.

I am currently working on this with high skilled blockchain devs on this project and I will continue to keep working on Galaxii whether we are able to receive an investment or not.

What stage of the product or idea are you (and your team) at? Is it live on Harmony and/or another chain?

The project is live but on Dtube chain and Steem. I am in the process from moving away from Dtube to make the network more efficient and to implement our own native tokens.

How many active users do you currently have, or aim to acquire?

We are still in early stages of project and haven’t done marketing. We hope to acquire 10,000 users then move to 100,000.

How much funding do you need?

We are asking for $50,000 to increase UI/UX if platform, to help create a video NFT marketplace where content creators can sell their videos, and to launch / add liquidity to native token built on Harmony. The investment would also go to marketing Galaxii and adding social influencers to the platform.

What are your milestones?

I hope to launch our native token end of this year along with 1,000 users.

What help do you need, or what gaps are there in your team?

We have highly skilled blockchain developers working for Galaxii, but I could use some support financially so we can move the project at faster rate.

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Metrics for success

For social media, number of users is connected to success but also number of content creators. The amount of token holders would be a measure of success for us too as it indicates a positive outlook for their future of our project.

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For “More info needed”, please Reply to ask your question

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@Galaxii please specify your targeted traction the number of users via the guidelines

  • 100 Grants ($20M). Recipients of each grant must have achieved product-market fit. Harmony helps scale these thriving projects via porting to our mainnet. We recommend $50-250K each over 4-8 weeks, on projects already with active 10K users, and engaging their teams in public forums. Prime areas of market growths are Play-to-Earn games, musician fan clubs, investment DAOs, portfolio dashboards, and event and collectible curators.

Hey Jack!

We would be considered “Launches” rather than grant since we do not meet threshold of 10,000 followers yet.

@Galaxii correct, $50K will fit under Launches perfectly. But based on Apply for Grants or DAO - with the milestones of funds released based on the milestones of completions on testnet, mainnet, DAO formations and 10K monthly active users.

  1. 500 Launches ($20M). Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

If you are okay with these guidelines, we’re good to approve this.

Hey Jack! Yes we are good with these guidelines!

Congratulations @Galaxii, your proposal for a Launch for $50K has been approved!

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Thank you so much! We are so excited!

moved to “funding proposals: launches” on our forum

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Hey everyone! Here’s a sneak peak at Galaxii!

We want everyone to own their content and to create social media platforms owned by the community!

You can click through the sign up and username info to check out the demo! You can leave it all blank just hit submit through the sign up process.

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is it web2 or web3? :melting_face:

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Ui looks pretty clean

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Why can’t I register?

Hey! This is test app, you can click through sign up process to view the UI

Web 4 lol working on the future

We are currently on Mainnet! Our next move is to create a buy / sell function for video NFT’s and add our token within the platform.

Our plan is to use our token as a tax to create a post / NFT’s. This will help regulate bots trying take advantage of the reward system and raise the quality of content within Galaxii. The tax will be distributed to DAO / token holders / development wallet / reward contract.

Next will be to launch our DAO.

App release will come after video NFT is live along with the launch of our Galaxii token and proper testing before public release.
(Token not launched yet)