Guarda wallet

I’ve noticed that Guarda wallet doesn’t let you delegate to not-elected validators. I was thinking about getting in touch with them to see about getting that changed to help promote new Validators and try to help us reach our goals faster.

Has anyone tried this yet? Maybe they have a reason for not listing not-elected validators?


I reached out to them on Twitter and they’re going to check in with the team about it.

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I’ve seen that Frontier wallet is also not showing a not-elected validator.

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I think if they realized how many users they was losing because us active new Validators don’t recommend them, they might put the option in there :slightly_smiling_face: I reached out to Guarda and they said they was going to bring it to the team but I haven’t heard back from them since. I’ll try checking in with them to see if they have anything in the works. If you want to try reaching out to Frontier it wouldn’t hurt.
Once the 1wallet is out of beta it’s going to be a lot different.

Thanks, Peace.

I will reach out to Frontier wallet and keep this thread posted. Let see how it goes…

Thanks and Cheers!


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Thanks Mark!

Happy to have some help on this matter :blue_heart:


P.S. I reached back out to Guarda to check back in with them.

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I contacted them and got the same reply as yours.
They will check it as well with their team.

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I did talk with their PR person on telegram @Julias28 . We didn’t talk about this topic, but it’s another path to follow.

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