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A major problem plaguing the Harmony community, and most new blockchain users on any platform, is trouble finding concise, accurate information. There is no simple way to search for common questions. Google is ubiquitous of course, but can provide varied and outdated information leaving many users baffled, or worse, broke.

Harmonauts.org seeks to help fix that problem by providing a critical component for the Harmony network; A community driven knowledge base and aggregator.

Currently Harmonauts.org is a fully functional beta of a Web2.0 community Knowledge Base and Telegram bot. We are seeking funding to extend functionality greatly.

A more in depth breakdown can be found in the Harmonauts.org LitePaper here:


Short Version: We would like to move the data on chain. We will utilize a new token to reward users for creating content related to Harmony. The current site didn’t make sense to be on chain since it’s simple questions and answers for people that might not already have metamask configured.

The new features will be more robust and allow for data aggregation from outside sources, apis for Harmony community dApps, and a Harmonauts DAO dedicated to community support by decentralized community sources.

The majority of the funding would be to bring in help at developer and designer.

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Metrics for success

  • Web3.0 integrated with website and contract deployed to testnet

  • Harmonauts DAO formed

  • Contract deployed to mainnet

  • 1k DAU of dApp/Telegram/Discord bot.

  • 10k DAU of dApp/Telegram/Discord bot.

External Links:

Working Site on Web2.0 - Prototype/wireframe for testnet build



Validator Twitter Page:


Telegram Bot:

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Unfortunately, your proposal is not ready for a Launch grant based on the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO due to the following reasons:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product.

@Kruger we’d really like to fund this. The current form is between a Port grant (from Web2 to Web3) and a Launch grant. This proposal doesn’t fit a Port grant as the user-base doesn’t meet the criteria, and the team hasn’t been fully identified just yet. This proposal also doesn’t fit a Launch grant because the proof-of-concept with the tokenomics can be further developed. The roadmap could involve a larger scale of integrations with social networks (e.g. twitter, reddit and possibly telegram)

We look forward to continue working with you to build on Harmony.

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