Harmonize Podcast

Hello fellow Harmonauts. I am the host of the Harmonize podcast where I highlight the Harmony Ecosystem as well as other leaders in web3. I want to get more interviews on the calendar so if you know someone that would be a good fit please reach out to me on twitter @theyoungretiree. Appreciate it!



Sure, I will send you a couple that I’ve in mind

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Hey Skyler!

I’m EddNorris of https://TrustlessTeam.one
We’re a small Crypto-Game Developer Team building on Harmony.

We’re launching FishFight.one on Harmony Mainnet this weekend… I will be someone to talk to pretty soon :laughing:

I’ve also been serving on the Harmony Developer DAO for going on 3 Terms now, and worked in some kind of Interactive Marketing, Simulation or Games for going on 10 years now; Very excited about the future of gaming on harmony and on blockchain in general.

I would be happy to Harmonize about Harmony with you!

Either way, Good luck with your podcast!

I would also recommend:

@easynode of https://Easynode.one

@Bricktop_One of The HarmonyCommunity DAO

@0xKrillin of https://Tranquil.finance

@BrotherOne of the @HarmonyValidatorDAO

@brother of https://MarsColony.io

@StrongMindsHold of #governance:validator HarmonyCommunityDAO

@HarmonyUniverse of https://HarmonyUniverse.one

@HarmonyDragon of Harmony Community Support

@sophoah of the P-OPS which help keep harmony thriving :pray: :bowing_man:


Great! I would love to meet with you soon! Let me know!

whew can we listen to podcast ?

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Hello .

Where we can listen to previous podcast session with harmony or harmony ecosystem ?


Hello @theyoungretiree what is your podcast link?

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Thanks @theyoungretiree for your amazing work :star_struck::blue_heart:


the link: ‎Harmonize on Apple Podcasts