Hello Harmonauts

As Harmony’s OneMatchingDao failed to support our beloved whle, who’s supporting HarmonyOne by making Videos, Memes, Infographics and still not rewarded. unfortunately now it’s time for harmony community to appreciate and support whle for all their hardwork, priceless time and all the efforts for harmony and community. we don’t want to do this but unfortunately for the future marketing and all the work we’ll collect funds from harmony community. here is our MM address for community funding : 0xFAAb0B3F43253C05419A204a9d563a527b25Abfe

all the collected fund will be use in all kind of dope harmony marketing!

your beloved pepe :frog:


Hopefully in the near future CRDAO will be able to support your efforts. Until then, I think we could all toss some one your way for past work.
I’ll kick this off.
Proof of TX:

Lets go fam!


With pleasure whle.

Proof of TX.


With much love and support

Proof of tx


The best.

Enjoy $sCHEEZ


I wouldn’t say MatchingDAO ‘failed’ just yet. MatchingDAO hasn’t been formed. Once the MatchingDAO is given the green light I’d imagine retroactive-funding for @bigwhle will be of the upmost importance. :smiley:


hey slosh love from b. i wouldn’t say MatchingDAO hasn’t been formed. / @easynode @Harmonious_Dude @buythefndip

I wouldn’t necessarily say that is the Matching DAO lol. It was assumed that that’s how the matchingDAO might work. I’m pretty sure Bruno just tweeted that with intentions that community would donate funds to the wallet address.

That tweet was back in September and nothing ever happened after that.