ONEweekly Video Series Continuation Proposal

This week’s ONE weekly is now LIVE!

Prior week (#8) has yet to be funded

This weeks video (#9) is now complete

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Week #8 funded

Week #9 yet to be funded

Week #10 filmed, edited, and postponed


Appreciate your excellent work :raised_hands: :blue_heart:
Can we get a wallet address to fund this via community support?

0x8266308fbd3C1FCeca5195234Cd7b67b69bb929C ???

Can we get a teaser trailer :face_with_peeking_eye:

would show true transparency if we can make an episode about the whole bridge hack and provide a nice explainer on it. We require a neat solution first ofc. but that would be cool imho to think about in the future


Someone from our FishFight community had a great idea to explain the differences between a trustless and non-trustless bridge… We would love to help produce a video on that subject…

It’s important for re-establishing trust in our blockchain that we educate the public how this issue will not be as much an issue in the future with the deployment of our Trustless Bridge!

Thank you @Loge


Great one. would definitely explain /elaborate more on the USP’s of the h1 tech and whats coming up

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Looking forward to our next video @Loge; it is always a pleasure to work with you on these videos. Also, we love to hear from the community and your feedback, so if you guys have topics/items you’d like to see covered let us know and we will see if/how we can work them in!


@Maba078 the honor is all mine! Your writing and communication skills are top notch. This weeks episode was the beginning of a great step towards the future of ONEweekly

Week #9: Funded

Week #10: (Scrapped) Funded

Week #10 Q+A w/Stephen: completed


Funded: 0x98a2ac58ba9424924ace2d69ed2af4d9ca53045c05aad9dbf7192d03f1972b07


Week #11 Completed

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Funding for this bounty/grant video milestone has been submitted


Funded week#11: 0xcc506df4be66dd194c29661486ca9d868ae7de7126bd177581ba038aaa3d0e3fY

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I guess him QQing about not getting paid was worth it…can you imagine.


While your at it Harmony the VDAO hasn’t been paid. Nobody wants to put their name in because we’ve been completely forgotten about and used. Finish paying term 1, it’s been long enough.
I mean, we’d be happy even if you just communicated with us. We can’t even get that.

If we need to cause a scene with the community, we can do that as well. Obviously posting in hear does nothing.
When marketing takes priority over validator/network support, it’s a sad day.


Is there anything I could do to, to get this covered in the video:

Hey @UnArge4, this wouldn’t be a topic that we would cover in the ONEWeekly series. I can’t speak directly towards your question of the dialogue/communication but I have forwarded your post to team members to get your question addressed as you are not alone in this topic.


Thanks. As you can see it is not only me who is interested in the answers. Hopefully someone will be able to respond soon. Thanks a lot.