Harmony Community Dao Discretionary Fund Proposal

Following discussions from the Community DAO twitter Space #4

The Harmony Community DAO would like your input regarding having a set amount available as a discretionary fund available to the governors for fast payments to contributors of the DAO.

An example, currently if we were to pay some for work, no matter how small, e.g the creation of an infographic for the DAO or a translation of content, etc. We would need to put a post on Talk.Harmony.One and ask for approval of a small amount, such as 100 ONE after getting approval on a week long Talk.Harmony.One poll, we would then need to take that vote to Snapshot for a vote that can last a total of 3 weeks before receiving permission to make the small payment to a contributor.

We propose having a balance of 500 USD (equivalent in ONE) available to the Community DAO Governors for faster payments to contributors.

⦁ These funds will be kept in the Multisig wallet with the Harmony Community DAOs funds in case it’s needed

⦁ All transactions would be made transparent through a PDF listing of individual payments along with Multisig address and transaction ID’s, when payments are made the rate of the current price of harmony will be displayed along with payment information

⦁ Governors will only use discretionary fund payments for small transactions and will aim to spend less that 250 USD (equivalent in ONE) per month if used at all

⦁ A hard cap of 500 USD (equivalent in ONE) per month will be set for discretionary fund payments

⦁ All significant payments will be made through the HCIP proposal process

⦁ The governors will not pay themselves through this method for work performed**

⦁ Governors will only use discretionary funds for contributors when necessary and will not be used as a go to payment method

⦁ When the implementation of an easier way to make payments to contributors becomes available to the DAO, this will be reviewed and potentially removed

⦁ All discretionary fund expenses will require a simple majority vote of approval by CDAO governors.

After discussions with the community via Twitter spaces, we agreed that we need to make onboarding for contributing members of the community DAO easier. With this in mind, we believe having a discretionary fund available to governors would make this process easier for contributors to receive small rewards for their hard work.

Please vote on the poll below. It will run for one week from the time posted and upon completion, the results will determine whether or not this proposal will move to a vote as an HCIP proposal-

  • I support having the discretionary fund available
  • I do not agree with having a discretionary fund being available

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It makes total sense for this to happen
A fund base that can be used faster and more efficiently helps a lot :blue_heart:


Seems like a very sensible proposal. It could be used in very good faith to give exposure to the people who, although not part of any DAO, are still contributing their time, work and talent to the community. Also, membership in a DAO doesn’t necessarily guarantee a set of skills, so a DAO will look outside its ranks for someone who can complete the task at hand.


Who wouldn’t agree to this?


DAOs need to be able to operate in an agil manner if they are to go mainstream, and one needs to find a balance between operational effectiveness and control of funds… which you seem to have found through your suggestion. This sort of innovation is a constant necessity. :slight_smile:

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It’s been great hearing your feedback regarding this everyone, looking for this going live as a Snapshot vote shortly.

Thank you to everyone that has taken part and took time to vote on the poll.

At the time of ending the poll after the advised period, we had 30 people in favour of the proposal going live on Snapshot, and 1 against.

We have put this proposal on Snapshot which will sit in a pending state for 3 days before going live to be voted upon for 5 days.

Proposal : Discretionary Fund Proposal - HCIP-02
Start date : Nov 28, 2021, 12:01 AM
End date : Dec 2, 2021, 11:59 PM
Requirements to vote : 100 Harmony needed in wallet, available or staked, Voting is Free.


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