Harmony Community DAO Elections

Over the past few months the initial council have been building the foundations for the Harmony Protocol Community DAO.

- Now it is time to choose your Harmony Community DAO Governors

The Harmony Community DAO are tasked with the goals of representing, expanding and strengthening the Harmony community.

Any revenue from dedicated projects. Other initiatives — e.g. the advocacy program, community communication channels such as Reddit, Telegram and Discord, or subsidiary DAOs, will serve as additional dedicated tools to accomplish the remit of the Community DAO with transparency and engagement .

The Harmony Community DAO Mandates

  • Growth : Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities
  • Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products
  • Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

The Community DAO is expected to interface and coordinate with other Harmony-centric DAOs as well as DAOs from other projects.

Self-dealing and violations of good faith and fair dealing will not be tolerated. Ultimately, this DAO represents an enfranchisement of the Harmony community to contribute to the direction and growth of the Harmony blockchain project.

The Community DAO is also tasked with exploring sustainable options to maintain the treasury in perpetuity.

General Harmony DAO Guidelines - Harmony has been encouraging other DAO’s to stand up and assume some of the responsibilities of the decentralized network. The council will need to continually work with other Harmony DAO’s and share best practices.

Harmony Community Governors will serve for a 6 month term. Initial Council members may run for election as Persistent Governors.

We encourage all who are interested to submit their candidacy for an elected position as a Governor of the Community DAO. The dates regarding the election process are as follows:

Tuesday 21st September at 12 PM PST, 2021: Submit Your Candidacy — To submit your candidacy, go to Community - Harmony Community Forum and make a new topic with the title: Community DAO Council Candidate: [XXXX] as the subject line (replacing “XXXX” with your name, of course). Fill out any details you believe are important for the community to know about you in order to receive their vote.

NOTE: The pool for candidates CLOSE at Midnight PST, Saturday, September 25th (The Night Of The 25th). No candidates will be considered who enter AFTER that time. Saturday, September 25th Midnight PST, 2021: The Field is Closed — Once a candidate has submitted their candidacy to talk.harmony.one, they are free to campaign. Visit reddit, visit telegram, or other social media channels.


The days between Saturday, September 25th and Tuesday, September 28th will be dedicated to conversations and communications about what Harmony means to you, what should and shouldn’t the Community DAO do and asking the members of the community to vote for you. On Tuesday the 28th of September at Noon PST an AMA will be held for the community to ask candidates questions.

Midnight Wednesday, September 29th, 2021: Elections:

The election runs from Midnight PST, Wednesday, September 29th until Midnight PST, Friday, October 1st. At the end of which the new governor members will be elected into their positions. We will announce how the vote will be held closer to the time.

Once the election closes at Midnight PST on Friday, October 1st, we will know who our governors for the Community DAO will be. They will self-organize (much like the Community DAO initial council did), and start communicating their efforts and plans with the community.



Is it possible to have governors from other DAOs in the Community DAO governorship or is it necessary to have exclusivity?

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Hi Adonis

You do not need to be exclusively tied to a DAO to enter candidacy.

Kind Regards


This is terrific!
For my part - the existing Community DAO Governors have done an AMAZING job. @Bricktop_One, @Globey.one, @sirsapient, @Biznustime, @OG_Lemurman, @Biosensei @Believion (Is that Gyan’s right tag? @Bricktop_One, help me out) have been a joy to work with. They are really pulling the Community DAO together.

A little later in this week, I will be posting the compensation we have provided to the Community and Validator DAO governors. This will be important because this compensation should be public knowledge and it reflects the amount of work that is being put into the efforts of these DAOs. The hours are tracked and specific work is being referenced for those hours.

Thanks again! and I look forward to these elections!


That’s correct Sam. Belivion is Gyan.

Thank you for all the hard work you have put in for everyone, I still don’t know how you can find enough hours in the day.

Thanks Sam


Thank you Sam, it’s been a honor to participate and help the community So much learned!

Appreciate you so much for your time.

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Hello Harmonauts! :slight_smile:

Any questions about process or personal inquiries about myself please do no hesitate! :heart:

Getting everything organized and mapped out has been nothing short of chaos, and I am here to explain.

My term 2 candidacy information can be found here.

Any questions can by commented on their publicly. All of my contact handles are also linked on the post for DMs.

Peace, Love, and Harmony
Colin (OG_Lemurman)


It’s time to DAO, I would be drafting up a candidate proposal :sunglasses::briefcase:

What is the cap of the members in this DAO?


9 Governors for the DAO

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Thnq @Sam , it was a Great honour to be a part of First Governers of The C-Dao . I Always wanted to be part in Harmony. I feel like I’ve achieved it❤️.


Where will the questions and AMA be held on Reddit or here on this forum?

The talk with governors running for candidacy will be held on the Harmony Community DAO telegram. The date and time will soon be discussed and arranged with the candidates.