Community DAO Council Candidate Term 2: Colin (OG_Lemurman)

:grinning: - HELLO HARMONAUT FAMILY! :heart:

This is Colin, AKA OG_Lemurman, a Harmony Protocol Reddit Moderator and incumbent governor for the Community DAO. I am running for re-election into the Harmony Community DAO and would like to explain who I am, what I have done, and what is planned.

:deciduous_tree: I am a Sustainable Environmental Design Major from UC Davis with a focus on Sustainable Systems Analysis and Creation. I have started and ran multiple grassroots organizations that apply the same Sustainable Design Theory learned throughout my life. By balancing the ethics, economics, and environment on the micro/meso/macro/meta level cyclical self-contained systems can be created and generate growth/stability from within. I have been applying this knowledge to and for Harmony, placing us on the forefront of online value co-creation.

:roller_coaster: After following mainnet launch in 2019, I really began engaging the Harmony Community 8 months ago despite hating corporate social technology because the Community was wholesome and supportive. I spent my days answering any and all questions I could on Reddit and continued by designing/implementing a grassroots marketing campaign by collaborating with the Harmonaut Redditors and the core team as a moderator. This led to the creation of a greater developer support system and needed communication readjustments between the core and community. (See below for links to posts). This marketing campaign is now being used to help form a Ecosystem wide campaign to create better content pathways and promote everything on a united basis with a connected storyline.

:bulb: Some of the projects I helped design to achieve this include:

  • Ecosystem Wide Marketing Campaign (to be released soon)
  • Harmony Ambassador Program (to be released soon)
  • Harmony Amplify Group (social media coordination)
  • Cross-DAO Conversation/Collaboration Structures

:white_check_mark: As a governor of the Community DAO my sole job is to represent the wishes of the community. However, to do this we need a voting and proposal mechanism for the Harmony Community and no tooling has existed for Harmony. I completed hours of research to determine what makes an online collaboration successful and then proceeded to test existing DAO solutions with the team. This trial and error process was filled with a lot of false starts due to growing knowledge uncovering newfound problems such as, voting equity, multi-sig functionality, KYC, etc. This has sparked collaborative research with traditional industry giants to find solutions to these problems, placing Harmony on the bleeding edge. It was during this process where I used my Sustainable Design Skills to build a handful of self-contained regenerative revenue sources for the Community DAO that would also help strengthen and connect the Harmony Community. I have given Harmony and the C-DAO full permission to use these projects regardless of my re-election and they will be announced soon.

:building_construction: Designing these projects and future project successfully requires:

:heavy_check_mark: Transparency
:heavy_check_mark: Equity
:heavy_check_mark: Accountability
:heavy_check_mark: Diversity
:heavy_check_mark: Solidarity

************* "Politics is the Entertainments branch of Industry" -Frank Zappa *************
I work every day with this in mind. I am committed to helping create a system free of corrupt private interest through open collaborative design and immutable online value co-creation.

:muscle: My commitments for the future with Harmony and Community are in full; both have my full dedicated time outside of my personal studies. I plan to write an analysis on DAO tooling once established to help push the conversation of DAO design. Regardless of election, I will teach the DAO tooling in the Community DAO/other DAOs and will continue to connect core to community. Some of the things to do this include: weekly C-DAO voice discussions on Twitter & Reddit to be uploaded to Youtube, a multiplatform cross-connect 24hr p2p developer help desk, build educational courses to help teach various levels of the Harmony Ecosystem, and the establishment of “Office Hours” where dedicated time is spent of the various social outlets to answer incoming questions and concerns. I work physically and virtually to help interested people find a place for their passions because “Passions Place People Perfectly” (Colin Original). This means I work to bring new people into the world of Blockchain, Harmony, DAOs, NFTs, DeFi, Gamification, Hyper-Crowdfunds, and much more. I plan to help teach DAO tooling regardless of election in the Community DAO and will continue to connect core to community.

:hammer: Some future projects to achieve this include:

  • Weekly C-DAO public voice discussions on Twitter & Reddit to be uploaded to Youtube,
  • Multiplatform cross-connected 24hr p2p developer help desk,
  • Educational courses to help teach various levels of the Harmony Ecosystem, and
  • Establishment of “Office Hours” where dedicated time is spent of the various social outlets to answer incoming questions and concerns.

:milky_way:I firmly believe DAOs are the future.:milky_way:
The autonomy they offer is the solution to general human inability to track macro process on micro levels. We are bringing in the future of equitable fractionalized stakeholdership into projects truly representing the greater good of humanity. Good as determined by the individual, immutably collected in solidarity. I am honored and committed to being a part of it.

Thank you for your time,
Peace, Love, and Harmony.

-Colin Ricketts (OG_Lemurman) :heart:

*********************** RELEVANT PAST ARTICLES/POSTS/ACCOUNTS ***********************

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Post: Initiative #2, Phase 1 last post due to operational restucturing and ecosystem wide adoption
*CMS will resume soon

Account: OG_Lemurman’s (Colin’s) Reddit Profile

Account: OG_Lemurman’s Twitter

Account: OG_Lemurman’s Telegram

Account: Harmony Official Discord lemurman#5967


*Dedicated Office Hours for now are Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm PST


Colin!!! you got this :stuck_out_tongue:


We are in this together. Y’all impress me so much, I am honored to be on the same stage as you. No matter what, its all love. We will still change the world and regardless of any vote, it will be together.


Best of luck for the election Colin. Its been incredible working with you. :guardsman:


Working with you was a sheer pleasure. We are a good team and a look forward to a lifetime friendship :slight_smile:


You got this Colin! Always looking forward to reading your “short” exposes on blockchain matters! :slightly_smiling_face:


Go for it colin :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::heart: U must win :muscle:t2: