Harmony DAO'nload - January

Harmony DAO’nload

:wave: Thanks everyone for tuning in to the first edition of the Harmony DAO’nload! Find our talking points for the January Update below, and listen to the recorded Twitter Space, here. :point_down:

FILTER IN - 5 min

Greetings and Intro’s

  1. Why was it created?
    • Streamline communication, streamline onboarding, streamline tooling for all DAO’s on Harmony.

DAO Ops - 5 min

  1. Who is involved?
    • Samuel P. Harrison - Head of Ecosystem Growth
    • Giv - Senior Blockchain Engineer
    • Slosh/Mikey - DAO Funding and Communication
    • Devin - DAO Tooling
    • Matty - Business Development and Partnerships

What is and What isn’t a DAO? - 15 min

  1. What is?
    • Shared interest, shared assets, shared responsibility. In order of importance.
    • Community/Club has a common cause.
  2. What isn’t?
    • A DAO is not a company, it’s not a start-up. It’s not necessarily a product.

More DAO thoughts, here.

Harmony DAO Funding Guidelines - 15 min

Sam walks through the DAO funding process on Harmony. From proposal on talk.ha.o, to approval, to additional funding, and to expansion.

January Retrospection - 5 min

Working towards a streamlined DAO onboarding mechanism. Improved response time from Harmony. Approved and funded 10+ DAO’s. Recognized improvement is still required across the board.

DAO Tooling - 10 min

  • Grindery
  • Commonwealth
  • Coordinape
  • Feb 28th we are sunsetting gov.harmony.one - and moving to Snapshot.org
  • DAO tooling grants is underway

Coordinape Challenge - 5 min

Check the talk forum post for more information. https://talk.harmony.one/t/harmony-dao-challenge-one/10867

DAO’s in ETH Denver - 5 min

  • Bringing DAO’s together. Face2Face. Harmoniously.
    • Sam invites all Harmony DAO govs attending ETH Denver to lunch. More details to come.

AMA - 15 min

Open the floor up to the audience.

I’ll post the Twitter Space recording again, here. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdGYwVPzLvxX

Looking forward to a bigger and better turnout for the February edition! Plan on it being the beginning of March.


Thank you for this, looking forward to the next DAO’nload

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Very inspiring. Thanks.