Harmony DAO Challenge #ONE

Hello, DAO’s on Harmony!

There is something on the horizon. It’s beautiful. It’s. . .DAO tooling. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And, there! Standing in the sunset alongside it! Is community participation, rewards for contributors, and resources better managed!

Oh! What - what are they all doing? They’re. . .they’re all. . .taking on the shape of an APE!

It’s Coordinape!!

Alright, enough monkey business.

The Challenge

Onboard DAO community members using Coordinape.

The Prizes

$1,000 to DAO treasuries

9 super sleek, high-quality, and ultra-rare Harmony Jacket swag.

The Rules

:rocket: At the time of this post, each DAO that is recognized and operational on Harmony has a chance to win up to $1,000 for their treasury.

  • How?
  1. Be a recognized DAO on Harmony before and up to the time of this post.
  2. The DAO has to onboard 20+ members using Coordinape.
  • Is there a Deadline?
  1. No. If the DAO is operational and recognized on Harmony before and up to the time of this post, then once the challenge of onboarding 20+ people using Coordinape is met, the DAO is eligible for up to $1,000 for the treasury.

:point_up: The first DAO to reach 20+ members onboarded using Coordinape will receive 9 super sleek, high-quality, and ultra-rare Harmony Jackets.

  • How?
  1. Be a recognized DAO on Harmony before and up to the time of this post.
  2. Be the FIRST DAO to onboard 20+ members using Coordinape.
  • Is there a Deadline?
  1. Yes. The first DAO to meet this challenge by ETH Denver (Feb. 15, 2022) will win the swag.

Additional Information

  • There will be a Harmony x Coordinape TG support chat for Harmony DAO Govs set up :soon:

  • There will be more information related to this challenge on the Harmony DAO’nload Twitter Space that will be taking place Friday, Feb. 4th at 9:30 AM PST.

Let’s have some fun. When I first became a Harmonaut (feels like decades ago :laughing:), three things were absolute. I was Welcomed. I was Informed. And I was Integrated.

Let the games begin.


@Sam @giv @Mattyontap @DevinMarty


Ou :slight_smile: great proposal! Lets go for it :muscle: :point_up:


Hey @frwrdslosh ,

Great challenge, thanks for invitation. We started a circle as a Turkey DAO but I guess this platform works on Ethereum network so we can’t connect with Harmony Mainnet.

We added all of our 9 governors to Harmony Turkey DAO circle and invited other people who is curious and want to be part of Turkey DAO.

Is it okay to add all 20 members to just Harmony Turkey DAO circle, is this meets with criteria or do we need to use any “GIVE” functionality?

Tool looks great but there is no Harmony support so we don’t have any idea about how can we use this tool further DAO operations, as you know ethereum chain is expensive.

Looking forward to hear from you :blue_heart:


I will add you to the Coordinape x Harmony support channel on TG :slight_smile:

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Going to be super annoying, here, and tag several DAO’s and DAO Govs to boost this.

As well, if any Govs have any questions about functionality please reach out to me or @DevinMarty

:slight_smile: :blue_heart:

@HarmonyCommunityDAO @SpanishDAO @HarmonyCreativeDAO @ben2k_Stakeridoo @nickv @Abraham @Harmony_Portugal_DAO @Symphony.One @harmony_dev_dao @TokenJenny


Is this all that’s going on on one.harmony… We ain’t no Turkey DAO but we are the DumpsterDAO. I am Matthew Williams We are located in North Florida and if we need to focus Region by Region one at the time we will. Nonetheless, we believe once we start the scalability is copy paste. It’s as much about getting in the community’s face and blast an ad campaign as it is attempting to grow it organically person to person. Once we get rolling it’s an exponential snowball. Please check out our site and follow our socials. We need help under every hat, come build the future.
Matthew Williams/founder


Hey @frwrdslosh
we have in our Community DAO Circle 43 Contributers and 9 Governors. The Circle is called Community DAO Contributer and if you like also to join feel free to fill out this form: Harmony ONE Community DAO


Good job @HarmonyCommunityDAO!! Keep focus on the right way of work


small update, the DAO with the MOST in their circle by Feb. 15, 2022) will win VIP swag bags for the Govs.

:slight_smile: :shopping: :blue_heart:

SpanishDAO is working on it, we have the list growing day by day! We are in conversations with people than can contribute a lot!!
Feel free to join in :sunglasses:
Circle name: SpanishDAO
You also can complete this form to help us knowing more about harmony users: Harmony ONE Spanish DAO


Great idea, think that this form can help us to improve a lot more our knowledge about the community!!! If u don’t mind, I will use it to start working better!! THANKS

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Hi! I would like to announce that the Spanish DAO Coordinape circle has already achieved the goal. We have 24 people in there.
En Cheers
@Sam @giv @Mattyontap @DevinMarty @frwrdslosh


Sure, saw you already copy & translated :+1:t2: if you have any improvements let me know :call_me_hand:t3:

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Am I to understand that we CAN use Coordinape on the Harmony Network?

If so, Is this process documented somewhere? :pray:

You need to use ETH networl to use Coordinape. In the website you can find the Docs but it’s a bit mesy so if u need any help i can help you!

Gotcha! Thank you @MarcMorales94

I was aware there was work going on to bring things over to the Harmony Network but hadn’t seen explicit instructions that we were definitely supposed to use the ETH network connection until the ONE Network connection was ready; thought there might have been some custom domain or something.

Thank you @frwrdslosh who reached out personally to clarified :pray:

~We’ll be able to setup everything on Coordinape by simply signing but not having to pay to send transactions on the ETH Network.
Everything will transition over to the Harmony Network seemlessly when the $ONE Network support is added.

I swear I’m not CHEAP just spoiled :blue_heart:


Hi @frwrdslosh ! Does it work on the Harmony chain? Could you please advise because apparently, we cannot connect…

Until the harmony integration is completed (Any ETA on that @Sam?) you have to connect on the ETH network but all the signing is done without having to send transactions.

But all the setup you do will transfer over to the harmony network when the harmony integration is complete.

Read the last few comments for more details @FRATE :blue_heart:


Thank you @eddnorris :blue_heart:

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Hi @frwrdslosh! Add me also please to this Coordinape x Harmony support channel on TG. Please advise also what is the criteria when onboarding is counted as being so. Sorry I couldn’t make it today to the Twitter space - maybe it was discussed :pray: