Harmony Grants AMA

It’s fine as long as we get paid for all the time spent. Working for months without pay to find out that you’re not getting anything is completely disrespectful. It’s taking advantage of the community. It’s not harmonious.

The worst part is seeing all the funds go out to DAO’s with Harmony employees on them but not other core DAO’s that helped keep the chain running. One of the DAO’s that got funded recently tried to pass their mandates to the community DAO! We was told from @Sam that they got funded because their report was so good, it was full of inaccurate information! Harmony core team is so out of touch with their community is sad.

Shut it all down, it’s ok. For you to say that it’s ok for Harmony to get people to work for them and not pay them is ok, really shows how out of touch the community is. It’s heartless.

All these regional DAO’s that Harmony encouraged people to form saying they’ll pay for translation.

Meanwhile everyone at harmony is still getting paid and supporting centralized decisions.

I volunteered plenty before I ever put my candidacy in to serve on a DAO. This is now a kick in the teeth to all the time I’ve spent away from my family trying to make Harmony better.
Meanwhile a new “contributor” to harmony is making shit loads of one that I could’ve been buying myself if I didn’t waste my time on DAO’s that Harmony pretended to care about. They just want people to think their decentralized, FAR from it!


Hi. I wanted to stay away from this conversation, but while reading this forum changed my mind. What surprises me?

  1. The Harmony team launched a $300M grant program and wrote about it everywhere. ONE and many other cryptocurrencies were severely overvalued at this time.
  2. This initiative has caught the attention of many people who have spent their time creating product or marketing initiatives for Harmony.
  3. As ONE and the entire cryptocurrency market returns to real value, the Harmony team begins to drag out the payment and granting of new grants under many excuses.
  4. There comes a point where the Harmony team unilaterally stops funding almost all projects, and notifies teams with the same letters.
  5. Project threads on the forum are closed by moderators from the Harmony team.
  6. After a short time, it turns out that the Harmony team has not fulfilled its promises and has not paid the teams of many DAOs, specified in the grants program with a budget of $300M, the promised reward for the work already done.
  7. The reasoning behind the suspension of funding by the Harmony team is "a difficult market situation.

As soon as I wrote down everything that is going on in the Harmony project, a very ugly picture appeared in my mind. It looks very much like cheating or Default is the company’s inability to pay its financial debts to creditors and employees.

I only painted the picture I saw. In my time working with crypto projects I have seen many such cases, but I didn’t expect to see this at Harmony.

I understand that Harmony is interested in building its ecosystem, which will eventually become profitable. But you guys think about how you look from the outside and how you are seen through the eyes of a longtime Harmony follower.


While I have no stake in the grant program at the moment that doesn’t mean I don’t care about what is happening. This has been a long time coming and the core team knew it. They have stopped communicating with people about funding milestones for over a month before the Q3/Q4 plan drop. It really makes it seem like they knew what they were going to do awhile ago but didn’t want to come out and tell the community. I agree that layoffs happen and such in times of economic struggle, but when you are layed off you are still paid what you are owed from work done. Only when a company goes bankrupt can they not pay you for work owed. This cone across as very suspect to the community and I would like to know why communication for milestones had been cut off long before the announcement?


Personally, I could understand the decision to stop funding. Whether or not to (if Harmony can) pay out to project that completed their milestones, it’s difficult. In general I believe people should be paid what they’re owed but if Harmony can’t, or needs to pause… well they can’t. Most likely it should be addressed individually but some act like they must too be getting free money or else. That’s not okay either.

You have to however address the elephant in the room that is big part of the equation. How come several people who have been beneficiaries of the grants HAVE BEEN paid, even during difficult times and even for what looks to be made up projects? Littleboss Amy, Novell, Al who also somehow ended up being “partners” on Harmony payroll, or Sunny. There is few other names that are showing up repeatedly on every shady looking DAO and investment. Boris Polania, Biosensei, it’s pretty much guaranteed if you scorch the forum and come across these people commenting/approving projects it will be: funds paid immediately, no questioning, no follow up, months later nothing delivered.

@giv @dpagan-harmony if you don’t truly address this, just showing “here’s partners’ list” is not enough, I don’t think we will ever be able to move forward and past it. No matter if you resume, pay partially, find other way with other projects and people in DAOs like CDAO, the community can’t truly accept to move on.

It’s a pity to see these funds so grossly mismanaged and now that the belt really needs to be tightened, some honest ones are at the blunt end of this.

These questions have been asked countless times, individually on project pages and collectively. We see a pattern, we know. So can you actually, really answer what’s been going on and what will Harmony actually do about it?


Hey ser you could literally see much more good projects that either didn’t got reply back or that got delayed than any other thing
Again I have the sensation you don’t understand I don’t have power to give grants to anyone and I keep seeing you implying that - so I would appreciate either you to search a bit more or at least tag me for any clarification that I can help with


According to this, you are on Harmony payroll 10 hours a week (or a month? Idk) starting 1st of May. In June, you applied for community DAO governor. Is it a conflict of interest holding these two positions simultaneously? Can you clarify?

NForesTs - Creating tokens to plant agroforests with local farmers. (I don’t really know what it does). One comment from moneyboss and yourself beginning of April. Boom, funded. Just like that, two months later or an hour ago, comment from OP that they are working on it.

Baturare DAO - ESG DAO with generative NFTs. Same story: litteboss and Biosensei only commenters “strong yes”. Funded. After pointing it out, you say “ser, you should do research”. Okay, you HAVE BEEN asked for clarification but it’s met with silence.

Piper DAO. Need I explain what happened afterwards? Yes, littlemoneyboss, cheaulex, Biosensei “strong yes”. It’s funded.

Pattern? I said projects you comment on are getting easily approved. If there is justification for it, SAY IT.

These are only examples searching for Biosensei. There are obviously more (I think it’s obvious, for anyone who spent time around at least) where these patterns with few individuals/beneficiaries repeat. Can these be clarified?

Hey look, Amy said moneyboss company has nothing to do with blu 3 DAO

Oh really?

How much funding, in total, through all means has blu3 DAO received? Why was the last tranche paid out when all DAO fundings were supposedly stopped?

I have said before already. I can’t be bothered and I don’t really actually expect an answer because the questions have been asked. Not just by me. And there never was a proper response. So any sane person can read between lines and knows what’s up. It’s a duck. :duck: Just don’t mention it. But then you get another reply “oh hey ser, not me, not me I get the sensation you didn’t research and don’t understand”. Then fu*ing EXPLAIN IT SO PEOPLE CAN UNDERSTAND.


@lij @dpagan-harmony @giv

The more and more comments that I read both here and in other areas of the talk forum the clearer the sentiment becomes… There are those that are still angry for past/current mishandling and mismanagement of resources, and there are others that agree with the position of frugality moving forward. Ultimately, it is the decisions of the core team that guide us, with their consideration (hopefully) for the community and the long-terms goals that the chain needs to achieve in order to last. These two opinions are simply two sides of the same coin, and not every person will be happy with what decisions are made.

From a business perspective, I understand and I agree with the decision to halt the grant process. I think that it is a ‘no brainer’ to stop spending in areas that are not directly correlated with revenue generation/preservation. Whether the grant fund is tied to earnings for the protocol or not is an entire discussion in and of itself, but I will say this- long term, I believe that a properly managed grant program will yield strong financial results for the chain. Funding projects that can onboard new users and that can bring new money into the chain will help grow the ecosystem. Funding projects that hold user’s interest and amount to more user interaction with the Harmony ecosystem will benefit the chain long term. But the management of the grant program needs to be re-evaluated, strengthened, more decentralized. Why not issue loans instead of massive grants?

Another thing that I believe would make the treasury stronger would be to focus on purchasing assets rather than liabilities. Focus a portion of the treasury that would be allocated to 300M grants and swallow up income producing assets. Then, use the income/ interests yielded from the assets (which bear value themselves) to fund the grants. Simple strategies like this produce healthier long-term investments and would be sustainable- even in a bear market.

The decision that I believe is hurting our community most of all is that projects which worked hard to meet their milestones are not being funded, and that DAO governors/ elected officials have been working without pay. This is bad business. I know that it is easy to decide not to pay a debt, but you cannot run an honest business without paying what is due. I highly recommend that the core team collaborate with those that are owed (not entitled), whom have met their required milestones or duties, and produce a payment plan. Literally anything but a statement that you are halting payments would be better than the current situation. All of these issues can be fixed, the community loves the space, but how you run this business will determine how the family reacts…

Moving forward, I suggest that the grant process be changed more thoroughly to a sustainable model, which uses a portion of the treasury to fund projects that earn and attract. This portion should yield through its investments and should not be a bad debt in the eyes of the treasury manager. If it continues to be, it must be adjusted in a preventative manner, not a reactionary one like it is now.

Again, thank you for spending the time to read these comments and for directing our voices to a specified platform. Would there be a productive way to have elected community members and members of the core team discuss these decisions and community issues on stage, in a friendly and conducive manner?


And there are those who are in both camps


Harmony team, thank you for making the changes on grants/partnerships. Please keep on building to make Harmony One chain as one of the best. :pray: :sparkling_heart:


The fact that you are so blind you didn’t saw a year difference on this posts where you say I’m a contributor and also wanted to be on the community dao makes me wonder if I should keep replying or if it’s just a troll at this point
I’m open to any questions but it seems like you are more prone to insinuating
Hopefully members from the community will say something that helps clarify- but that right I was here on the first election for the community dao
Straight from no where in Portugal one year ago
Most OG know how much I put into bring good projects and collaboration in between the ecosystem help find scammers and rugers lol

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Thank you @giv and @dpagan-harmony for standing up and taking the heat even though I’m fairly confident this is not a decision either of you made. You are both class acts and represent the best of Harmony. True leaders face the music, admit fault, and work with those affected to make the best out of tough situations.

If I’m being honest, I’ve felt a sinking feeling in my gut and a little bit depressed about everything I’ve worked towards lately. It has nothing to do with market conditions either. I’ve taken my responsibility being on the CDAO seriously. I’ve always been honest with my efforts to represent Harmony well and have tried to be eternally optimistic. I’ve always tried to work my time efficiently to justify the billed hours, which have never come close to representing the actual time and effort spent trying to support a community that has, quite honestly, felt neglected by the team much of this year. I’ve put myself out there so much to support Harmony to the point that many think I work directly for Harmony (even in this post I have been tagged as if I am involved in the grants process).

The reason for my sinking feeling is that I feel 100% disposable by the very entity that I have basically dedicated my life to for over a year now. Communication has never seemed to be important (with the exception of those that began this thread). There has seemingly never been much consideration by the true decision makers at the top for how their inaction or lack of communication has affected the lives of those left hanging. Being encouraged to carry on while decisions are pending or simply ignored has become the norm. You can see many examples of this all over the forums. This is a stressful way to maintain productivity and a positive attitude, yet I have tried to do that throughout this time and many would back that up. I thought the time I was dedicating would be rewarded. I justified the many hours spent to my wife and kids with Harmony’s statement that governors should get paid and being encouraged to carry on while decisions were pending. If going into this had been made out to be a voluntary pro bono position, I might’ve taken it less seriously and maybe put in 5 hours a week instead of the many 15/20+ hour weeks. I just hope Harmony leadership understands that there are real people with families on the other end of these decisions that are affected by the choice to leave us hanging. I told my wife last week that I probably won’t receive any compensation for the past few months and if she were writing this response, it would probably be much more harsh. I continue to dedicate my time to the CDAO, though, and will do so until the end of the month when my term ends. The community deserves it. The community is and always has been Harmony’s greatest asset. It’s just unfortunate that so many of us feel abandoned after this decision. It’s the loyal harmony fam that is paying the price for the poor choices of those we’ve put our faith in.


Yes, a troll, that’s all :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for choosing Harmony

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Don’t even know what to respond to this, I can just say that I completely feel this, like so many people before us. It’s extremely sad.


All I can say here @Biosensei , is that through the time working with you when you served as a Community DAO governor, all I seen from you was a deep passion for Harmony and a love for the community and it’s progression, following this the work you did with Portugal DAO was amazing and some of the events you guys organised was some of the best I have seen for bringing in talent to the ecosystem.

I have always, and still have complete faith that your heart is in the right place and will remain that way. I can’t speak of the things being mentioned here, but from what I know of you, I understand that you wouldn’t stand for those things if you were aware of them, let alone support them.


Evening @giv @dpagan-harmony @lij,

I just got done listening to Harmony’s Hand on from yesterday.

Li started off with saying we are in a down trend market which is correct and we would all agree.
Funding has stopped. Which we all are in agreeance with.

Li ends by saying Harmony has outside investments that would give ONE ‘years’ of runway if needed.

If that IS THE CASE, why has Harmony created an EXIT STRATEGY that ends with a house team meetup in Mid December? I have asked this question well over 10 times across talk forum and reddit yet have gotten no response.

Can someone finally address Harmony’s EXIT STRATEGY? If it ends in December than I take it Harmony is not willing to sell its ‘own’ investments to save its ecosystem?

As a business owner and CPA. You are actually putting more people on your team and payroll ‘Amy, Novell, AI, etc’ all while continuing to not pay for previous DAOs? Why? It makes ZERO BUSINESS SENSE!

So since we are aware of Harmony’s exit strategy. What is going to happen to the unlocked coins that will be released to founders starting Nov 2022? It looks like 59M ONE will be released in Nov and Dec. Can you acknowledge and respond to that?

With all due respect @lij, did you seriously think your investors and community would not see what you are doing? The favoritism you and Stephen Tse have been showing to only a small minority of owners? You preach ‘inclusive’ while separating an extremely high portion of your investor base?

You told Peter to go read a book about DAO’s. Hell it looks like every Harmony team member needs to read a book about, ‘How to create a sustainable business’ ‘How to communicate as a manager’ ‘How to take ownership’

I don’t think any of the Harmony core team knows what a DAO is much less how to create one. You have team members on your payroll that switch titles and positions more than a game of musical chairs.

You have become so tunnel-vision that you are creating ‘guilds’ out of nowhere. How about for your own EMPLOYEES sake, Just call them staff members, managers, etc. This cute verbiage lingo has gotten you nowhere.

Lastly, Li has NEVER acknowledged a post of mine on here. It is time to face the music as you personally have ‘stopped’ the music. Your piss poor mismanagement of treasury would have you fired at every single private equity firm, retail, accounting, financial sector that I can think of.

You seriously got the balls and ego to state quote for quote “The treasury is in good shape”
Bro, you failed miserably and should be fired!

What happened to that CFO position you guys been talking about for months now? Where is he/she at?
You can’t hire a CFO, outside marketing manager, communications manager. But you can damn sure add Amy Soon, Novell and her husband AI to your payroll.

You are running your own blockchain into the dirt.

I don’t care what anyone says about the failures for ONE.


No communication
No plans
No vision
No oversight
No treasury intuition

Be a leader for once in your life. You and Stephen Tse should be on here answering for what the ‘BOTH OF YOU’ have done to this ecosystem.

Its not Giv, Daniel, Devin, Peter, Sam, etc RESPONSIBILITY to come on here and respond for what you created!

You put everyone single one of these people in a position to fail! I am tired of giving @dpagan-harmony so much hell because he doesnt deserve it.

The guy has been telling you for months what was happening and you ignored him. Hell, you probably told him to go get educated or read a book. Wouldn’t be surprised if you called it your go to ‘conspiracy theory’

GIV- If you got any financial background. I would be more than happy to help you land a job at my firm here in FL. Nice pay, beautiful beaches and NO STATE TAX :slight_smile:


Amen. I see @lij is crafting a response , looking forward to a direct answer and not a corporative go around to the question .

On another note I feel your suffering @amartay1986 . There’s been so much shit flying around the project for a while , hopefully soon the shit will settle down and with that we will be able to clear the image of the Harmony One brand.


Dear Team,

I know times are hard. I know things are scary. I understand you want to put your head down and build. But, as I have said before, if you do not get on this and move, there won’t be anything to put your head down to. Come on guys! These are all people that have and are standing behind you. They are not here to tear you down, they are here to help.


Man, this is tough to watch. Trying my best to understand all perspectives and I think I’m coming to the conclusion that the root problem is really understanding what is going on. Communication has reached a bit of a breaking point and, instead of addressing that and making a pivot in our approach, each side is struggling to find common ground.

And I think one thing that’s really going to alleviate a lot of this is being honest with what’s been spent, what’s in the bank, if it was in fact an honest omission to not consider the grant payouts that had already been promised, etc. Verbosity/eloquence isn’t required as it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to provide that kind of verbal report. As a PM, we were expected to know our numbers without consultation; I wouldn’t expect this to be any different.

Getting past that first step, at least the developers/community can have a better idea of where they stand because, frankly, looks to me like they’re being left out to dry. Will they recover? Sure, but they’re not going to be grateful to Harmony for it and neither are their communities.

I hope we all just want to figure out what’s needed to get this off the stack, get as many people happy as possible, and continue being the forward-thinking chain we all believe ourselves to be. But right now we kinda need to figure this out.


@stse is time to wake up!

You are destroying the community!

Harmony without the community is nothing!

This community was the best of the world. Now? You can see by yourself.

I’m sad to see community members fighting because you did a lot of mistakes.

Community members are leaving, team members too.

When do you will understand the problem is not the bear market but the consequences of a chaotic management?


Reading all the comments is making very sad. I hope we get some answers from Li