Community DAO Council Candidate: Biosensei

Hi, i would like to start and introduce myself, my name is Cristiano and i’m from Portugal.
I’m new to crypto world but i am a bold and empathetic person with a good sense of humor :slightly_smiling_face:

Professionally, I work on renewable energies on my own company and i recently become able to be a trainer.
I’ve started has a bartender because people are my passion and has a empathetic person, it was a multi-function job on speed i enjoyed a lot. I’ve always been very versatile and enjoy new challenges, so only social skills was not enough for me after a while.
i started to learn more technical and utility jobs since then switching the context to the areas of my interest to expand overall knowledge.
Hovione (pharma industry operator), Vulcano (acclimatization quality control).

1-Tell everyone something so memorable that we’ll remember you for?

Okay, look i am either a sh*tcoin or a great gem. :slightly_smiling_face:either way we only going to know if you give me the opportunity to make something worthy
ArtXXI on davinci on progress
spoillers: Artis Spotter

2-Share how you want to contribute to this community.
I want to help harmony and be the bridge between newbies and veterans.
Someone that can see the struggle from a different perspective, that cares to explain even in different way if its need to make the hardest to understand to be the simplest.
I like to solve problems and mostly i tend to have some good intuition.
I like debate, i like wondering but mostly i like to improve .
Harmony one real messed with me, has it is the first crypto i feel in the heart if its attacked or i really feel happy when i see the team is doing progress.
I like to find opportunity and help people accomplish objectives

3-What do you currently do that already serves the Harmony One Community?
For now i am supporting validators sharing their good information or suggesting for new comers that are lost. On my daily basis I’ve been converting people into crypto and directly into harmony has a form of passive income.

Hope the best for everyone