NForesTs - Creating tokens to plant agroforests with local farmers

NForesTs - NFloresTas (in Brazil)

Project overview

When it comes to agriculture, it is common sense that the majority of its impact is highly negative. Even though we have some amazing people that refuse to back down on nature, the impact derived from agriculture and other land uses - on a large scale - is soil deterioration and consequently death of many indispensable life forms for our own survival.

Nonetheless, we are young and full of life. We cannot and will not give up. And by refusing to give up, we understood that some of the most meaningful solutions for our current global issues rely on acting locally, fast and straight to the point, but also acknowledging that the solution must be scalable.

Having that said, we strongly believe that the solution we’re presenting is a win-win situation, designed to work efficiently, methodologically and constantly growing. Farmers will gain on land and product quality, adding extra income from carbon tokens by just making adjustments to the way they produce food and interact with their own land.

We, the people, will experience the ability to know exactly where our carbon compensation is taking place and who’s being really assisted with the resource: local and small farmers. Even the most damaging and carbon generating companies will be able to compensate for their footprint in an easier and more impactful way, by using the technology to implement traceability on the food and carbon capturing chain.

As a collateral, we’ll be supporting the production of healthier, cheaper and more positive food. Thus, we aim to create a certificate that will prove the origin of the food produced, showing its qualities and making it easier to be sold and valued as such, consequently taking the certification cost out of the farmer’s back.

What is our project

Ultimately, it is an amazing alternative to make agriculture’s impact in our society even more positive, but now using NFTs to implement agroforests and token economics to foster: soil and biodiversity regeneration; fairer income for small farmers; carbon capture and sale; measure market supply with quality products.

Through a user-friendly Website and App based on blockchain technology to intermediate transactions between farmers, buyers and investors seeking to build a model like never done before / A constructive one, healthier for the environment and the communities involved.
Our project is based on four core pillars:

Community: We are connected to small farmers that are interested in applying a syntropic agriculture system in their land due to increasing enthusiasm of global consumers and markets in buying organic and healthier pro- ducts that ignite positive social and environmental impacts.
Forest: A syntropic system is the one that maintains the energy in it. The agroforest is the most productive model and efficient existing form of carbon capture. While the trees grow, they steal carbon from the atmosphere and the non-exposed soil stocks it.
Technology: Through a blockchain-based platform, we can ensure the origin of the syntropic production, guarantee the reforestation and carbon capture, input and download photos of the reforested areas, improve income for farmers and benefits on supply chain management.
Market: Easily explained by some of the opportunities we face, such as: worldwide circulation and diffusion of our NFT; growing agroforestal, organic market; carbon credit market expansion and relevance; and people seeking to compensate for their own carbon footprint.

Our Mandates

Regenerate: the soil is the foundation of all life, its health is crucial for our existence.
Respect: realizing ourselves as part of the complex system that is Nature.
Impact: think globally, act locally.

Our abstract goals

While we might not save the world at once, we’ll make sure to:

  • Regenerate local biodiversity and the soil;
  • Improve the nutrition and impact your of food;
  • Capture carbon out from the atmosphere and stock it back into the soil;
  • Share knowledge about sustainability, crypto, practical technological solutions and management.
  • Generate new ways of income for local, small farmers;
  • Bring Defy as an alternative for people who usually wouldn’t have access to it.

First, we need to develop an MVP before going to market. To do so, the US$10k prize would be of immense importance, helping mainly with:

Beta-type-platform development : 2.500,00 Community strengthen: 1.200,00
Ground-team support: 2.300,00 Basic assistance for farm-projects: 4.000,00

Our MVP in numbers

Duration: 4 months
Farmers impacted: 10 projects
Restored soil: 23 hectares
Carbon capture: 5500* tons (*approximately)

We’re different because

We are passionate, hopeful and a solution driven team;
We want to use agroforestry knowledge and expertise to regenerate soils and transform lives;
We will use defy as a way to secured value with blockchain and customize it with NFT;
We have skills and means to connect good people with positive products and valuable brands.
We create impact by providing better food, money and earth for all;


Clara Johannpeter - founder

Coming from a background of social and environment mindset alongside a business family, to the core the projects that occupied most of the time were always impact driven.
Worked three years at the NGO Arcah, then founded a company that worked with reverse logistics, Reload Positive Beauty. Last year, created two projects: NForesTs and @gemagemagemagema, which is a Brazilian contemporary art project developed to support young artists careers.

Teodoro Bava - co-founder

With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations directed to marketing and business, founded the ESPM Centre for Sustainable Development at the Superior School of Marketing (ESPM - Sao Paulo), implementing projects, reports, talks and volunteer actions; Alongside with Clara, was also partner and co-founder at RELOAD positive beauty, the world’s first company to develop high performance and vegan beauty products filled in post-consumer mineral water bottles, a pioneer model in reverse-logistics directed to the implementation and inducement of circular-economy in Brazil.

Renzo Solari - carbon hunter

Professional with experience in environmental planning. Strategy for climate change: mitigation plans, management of greenhouse gases emissions of companies and municipalities & adaptation program: Natural climate solution (NCS) - forest restoration and REDD; evaluation of land use change and forestry.

Environmental impact assessment and environmental licensing for enterprises and projects, biomass (forest) energy assessment, recovery of degraded areas and afforestation programs.

Jefferson Motta - head agronomist

With an agronomist engineer degree from UFSC and many projects done with the academic workgroups always focusing on planting agroforests. Specialized also on urban farming, food production in forestry and the management of implementation and forest design.


Sounds like an amazing idea to deploy blockchain and token economy to shift value creation to the earlier stage of the process. Strong yes from me! @Biosensei @lij @Mattyontap

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Strong yes from me, like to see more of this ideas

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Interesting project! Would love to hear forward about it

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Just a quick update on our project:

We’re currently working full-time on: developing an innovative carbon-credit-generation methodology to have a better assessment and legitimacy on our carbon tokens; consolidating our network of small, local-farmers in Brazil; finishing the creation of our brand-identity, as well as integrating our website and platform.

By the way, we recently came across a random comment posted by an user suggesting we received the grant and then vanished but that is simply not true in our case. We’re sorry if we somehow made it seem that way but our team is still small, so we have to prioritize our time on developing this wonderful project. We’re also grateful for receiving your support. From now on, we intend to give updates more often.

NForesTs team.