Harmony Hackathon Action Plan - DoraHacks

Hi Harmony Community,
This is the action plan for Harmony Hackathon, curated by DoraHacks.

The virtual hackathon will be launched on HackerLink, DoraHacks’ open-source developer incentive platform. DoraHacks will also help facilitate DoraHacks promotion in its global developer community.
We aim to bring 150+ open-source projects in 2022 to Harmony Ecosystem using Harmony centric Quadratic Funding mechanism.

For Harmony

  1. Introduction of this Grant (Scope, Tracks, Idealist and more, will be used in blogpost)
  2. List of prizes/bounties (If Available)
  3. List of partners and judges (VCs and renowned developers/founders are recommended)
  4. Workshop topics, presenters and schedule
  5. Developer Learning Resources
  6. Brand/Media Kits (for design)
  7. Key Visual should be provided by Harmony team, DoraHacks will help to adjust
  8. Threshold/Requirements for entry - who can join, and an idea list for reference
  9. Tracks and division of the prize pool
  10. Do we want to involve external sponsors? If yes, sponsors can provide a 30-min workshop, which is beneficial for branding

For DoraHacks

  1. Blogpost, newsletter to 36,000+ devs
  2. QF Smart contract
  3. Hackathon landing page (After Dora team received the Key Visual design and introductions of the hackathon from Harmony team)
  4. Guidelines for application and voting
  5. Livestream session arrangement
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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

Moved to Web3 → Hackathon category as it’s initiated by the DAO funding proposal :blue_heart: