Harmony All Hands - August 9th, 2021

Hey Harmonauts,

Here are some notes on the Harmony All Hands meeting that we held today, August 9th. This week we focused mainly on the Biz/Ops side of Harmony and a large focus on the upcoming $1 Million Hackathon. Read here:

  • Sahil - Our goal this month is to drive up TVL and new projects built on Harmony. You can read more on the upcoming Hackathon from Stephen’s blog post. Stay tuned for a blog post by Sahil which will be posted in the next 24 hours.EveryONE should spend 1/2 hour to go over the Hackathon page.

  • Li - Winners will be able to hold a multi sig, which will be paving the way for more projects to do this. He petitioned the team to be busier on social media and on forums to keep engagement interactive for all user and newcomers. We have 200k twitter followers that are waiting to be active, we need everyONE to VOTE FOR HARMONY on forums. Events coming up: Denver (sep), Wyoming (sep), Lisbon (oct).

  • Sam - Don’t be tribal, be inviting - this goes for the entire team and community. Our community should go out to others forums and communities to talk and meet new people.

  • Jack Chan - We welcomed our new Harmony team member Jack Chan. Harmony has known Jack for years, so many of you may know him. Let’s all welcome jack to the Harmony community with open arms!

  • Peter - Peter is heading the entire $1 Million Hackathon. Panels have been set and confirmed which will cover everything DeFi. We need all to help promote the panels coming up and amplify the Hackathon. “The communities that are going to win in this space are going to have the best customer service/experience.” There are 2 main audiences for this Hackathon: those that want to develop and those that want to listen/learn.Something new that will be implemented is an inventory of teams and members, which will have check-ins with the Harmony team.

504 registrants on gitcoin + 143 registrants on hack.harmony.one