Harmony network is added to Cryptogems.info

I am glad to announce that the Harmony network is added to cryptogems.

https://www.cryptogems.info is a DEX trending platform where you can find all details about coins and tokens prices from all the main blockchains.

The Crypto world is huge and every day over 15000 new tokens are launched. Cryptogems has complete info A-Z about all the tokens, pairs, and exchanges.

Low marketcap gems can be easily found here.

If you want to find the new cryptocurrency launched on any chain, you can easily do it by checking the “new pair” pages. For example New Pairs | HARMONY (ONE) Chain | CryptoGems - DEX Explorer for all the new pairs created on the Harmony network.

You can see the top 24 h gainers and losers and plenty of other information.

If you have your token, cryptogems is offering a free price bot for your Telegram group.

The platform is just launched and you will notice constant improvements on the website.

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