Help needed to post this on Harmony subreddit


Can someone please post this in harmony subreddit for me?
It’s an educational post for how to use ledger with Harmony while interacting with staking dashboard and defi applications.

It’s currently a little confusing to use ledger with harmony as you can’t really connect your ledger’s harmony account with metamask and you’ll have to do it with the ethereum account. Would really help the community.

Title - User scenarios for Harmony with Ledger
Tag - Educational?

Hi everyone,

Using a hardware wallet to store ONEs is very important. However, it’s currently a little confusing to use ONE with the ledger to stake and particiate in DeFi
So here are all user scenarios for harmony one on ledger -

  1. Setting up harmony one with ledger

    Download & Setup - Harmony

  2. Staking on Harmony with Ledger

    Step one: Sign into staking dashboard with ledger -
    Sign In With Ledger - Harmony

    Step two: Stake your ONEs -
    Staking Transactions via Ledger - Harmony

  3. Interacting with harmony DeFi application with Ledger and Metamask

    a)Setup harmony mainnet in metamask and sign into metamask with your ethereum ledger account -
    Ledger with Metamask - Harmony

    b)Copy and paste your ethereum adress into harmony explorer search bar to find out the one1 address

    c) Send your ONEs from your ledger harmony account to this one1 address

    d) You should now see your ONEs in your metamask and you can now interact with Dapps